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Lynda Carter Wonder Woman? Any Good?


So I hear good things about it, Lynda being the definite live action Wonder Woman (there hasn’t been many unfortunately) so I’m interested! How’s the show?


It is very much a product of its time. She really doesn’t fight super villains. Mostly normal criminals. I think the show remembered more for portraying a strong positive female.

But if you want to see something truly wild, hunt down the 1974 Wonder Woman movie starring Cathy Lee Crosby.


I think nostalgia has a huge part to play on the way we look at shows like Wonder Woman. I watched a couple recently and actually quite enjoyed them though not as much as The Hulk tv series that was on later the same day.
I’ll need to track down the 1974 movie @Todd.


I’ve watched a couple recently having never seen it before and didn’t think it was great. As Kevin mentioned I reckon it’s a nostalgia thing.


While The Incredible Hulk was probably the best of the the live action TV shows of the 70s, they all really suffered from being live action TV shows of the 70s. SFX was limited and their opponents were pretty much normal humans. They almost never fought comic book villains.

There was a micro boom of superhero TV shows and specials in the late 70s:

  • Wonder Woman (1975 - 1979)
  • The Amazing Spider-Man (1978 - 1979)
  • The Incredible Hulk (1977 - 1982, three made for TV movies 1988 - 1990)
  • Dr Strange (1978 made for TV movie)
  • Captain America (1979, two made for TV movies)

If you REALLY want to see something “interesting”, watch the two one-hour specials called “Legends of the Superheroes” from 1979. They make the 1997 “Justice League of America” look good.


I made people watch Legends of the Superheroes at Bristol one year. It was hilarious.


I would have to have seen the reactions for those who had never seen it before.

I can say that I saw them all when they first aired.


I think I can speak for everyone when I say that Waggoner was a very sexy Steve Trevor


@Todd @Kevin I think it really might be a Nostalgia thing, people always talk about it yet they never actually mention what exactly SHES DONE in the show. That sucks it’s just normal criminal’s. This has been the only successful live action version of her, animated wise she’s good. Her Animated movie was by Gail Simone and was pretty awesome :smile:


Yeah, but the animated movie had a terrible Steve Trevor, and their dynamic was pretty bad


Like others said, the show itself hasn’t aged well.

Lynda Carter, however, had the perfect look for Wonder Woman. She’s truly beautiful.


It’s coloured by nostalgia for me, but for my 3 year old this is her #1 show of all time. This could have been made this week by Jim Cameron for 300 million. This and Reeve and West amazing for kids. They can’t stand the darker stuff, even the cartoons went too dark eventually, but the love the campier material up to the age of maybe 10 in my experience.



I tried introducing Lynda Carter WW to my daughter at 12, it didn’t take. I should have started earlier with that and West’s Batman.


My nephew thought that Reeve was boring.
But loved Brave and the Bold


Up to the age of maybe 50 in my experience :smile:


I heard at one point she has roller skates! So the camp must be there, I guess it really may be nostalgia.


In the comics, Iron Man had roller skates in his armor.

What can you say, roller-disco was a thing. :wink:


Oh dear god I forgot he had them.



Hi everyone,

I live in Greece, and we never had the show there when I was a kid in the late '70s - the channels here screened The Bionic Woman instead (another bit of nostalgia there). However, I saw it much later and it holds up for me - especially the way Carter played it straight, always. She pulled it off on attitude alone, and within that kind of old-style TV sensibility, that’s a feat (Bixby did something similar as Banner in The Incredible Hulk). The pilot, especially, is something I’ve shown to sci-fi fan friends who aren’t into superheroes per se, and they universally liked it - some even saw it as a precursor of Captain America: The First Avenger.

Interesting aside: when they released the WW series on DVD in Greece some years ago, they actually titled it The Bionic Woman… true story, and a gaffe of epic proportions from someone in the marketing department.