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LUKE! Star Wars



They’re all cool, and Welcome!, and I’m glad Mark liked it - and don’t be a bit surprised if your three threads get merged into one rather abruptly!


Thanks, Miqque! Did Mark like this? If my posts are merged that’d be fine with me, is that normal? Should I post all my work in a single thread?


There’s no rule about it, but I think it would be better if you did. Because every time you post to the thread it will jump back to the top of the feed, so all your work will be brought back into the spotlight. If you post in separate threads, the old work will get forgotten as their threads move down the feed.

But the only rule is, keep posting art that looks as good as this one :smile:


That makes sense. If anyone wants to merge the posts then I’m all for it. If not I’ll make a single thread next time I post.


I think you should just post more, I dig your style!