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Luke Cage Trailer


What do we think?



Yes please.


Can’t wait - all the Marvel Netflix has been on point.


I’ve got a bingo on my ‘black fictional stereotypes’ bingo card. What do I win?


One black fictional stereotype, of course!

In every story you write, whether or not you want one!


Looks great.

I like that they’ve managed to squeeze in the tiara and bracelets look for a split second. Nicely done Netflix.


I can’t wait for this. The trailers are now 3 for 3 music-wise with this one featuring one of the greatest songs ever recorded, “Walk on By.”


I think it looks awesome – I also didn’t really see the stereotypes, apart from cottonmouth I guess, and wise paternal guy, and concerned female protagonist — but they’re not really black specific, are they?

But, yeah, to be honest the thing that’s stood out for me so far is the music – it’s freaking awesome. Even if the show is only … eerr _Luke_warm (get it? GET IT?? “LUKE"warm! LUKEWARM carrrl!”) then the soundtrack should make everything okay.


Sweet Christmas that was great!


I feel like I’ve been waiting my entire life for this show and couldn’t be more stoked. Mike Colter alone is where a great deal of my enthusiasm comes from. My Luke Cage is pretty much there (so far…).


I could list a dozen of them. I hope the show is good, but I think if you take away the name at the end and replace it with ‘coming this fall from NBC’ people would be lampooning it.


It really depends on the execution. You could look at a movie like Creed and see some superficial stereotypes in there, but the creative team, mostly black, injected the story with character and experience, and so the end product had a lot of depth. The superficial stereotypes were just that, superficial. Hopefully, the same will be true of Luke Cage. But who knows. All I can say is that the trailers so far look awesome.

If this were a non-Marvel network show with music by one of the guys from A Tribe Called Quest and one of Ghostface Killah’s best collaborators, and a mostly black creative team, I’d be interested in that, too.


Yeah, this really feels like a Blaxploitation flick done through a Marvel filter - which could be great or it could be cringeworthy. I’m hoping for the latter, of course.

EDIT: Former. I’m hoping for the former. Stupid English.


I thought some of the earlier bits we saw made it look better. This one just tells me the story of a reluctant super-powered hero, and his main enemy is a local crime boss. So it’s basically it’s Daredevil with Harlem instead of Hell’s Kitchen, only without the stuff that made the first season of Daredevil so interesting.

I mean, this Daredevil trailer from last year hits pretty much all the same beats, except that The Kingpin was more interesting (and the trailer starts with him):

Well, that’s all as far as that trailer goes. I still think the show itself will be really good, and the reason why the trailer makes it seems so underwhelming to me is because it’s a trailer mainly concerned with making the character and the story as clear as possible to the audience, and less with how the series itself will be.


September 30th will be the start of another lost weekend!