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Luke Cage (Netflix) discussion


To add a more shocking twist than any of the Marvel Netflix series so far… Defenders, the show that could easily have enough plot and material for 13 episodes, will only be 8 episodes long.

Insult to injury a little, from my perspective.


Maybe, but it’s not like it would’ve been impossible to, like Dave says, bring it all together in a compelling way in the finale. Really, while there’s an art to all of this, it’s not like there aren’t series who have done well in following an overarching storyline but also tell compelling stories in single episodes. It’s been the basic model since at least Buffy, and a great many shows have done it well.


Um, that’s not unusual at all. We see it in the real world all the time. [spoiler] Mariah is a demagogue with real social power. She is laying out clear distinctions of who needs to be protected from police brutality and who she feels the police needs to protect all of us against. It’s a clear case of “save us, fuck those other guys.” It’s the core of politics.

She wants the citizens of Harlem saved from the NYPD as they hunt for Cage after Diamondback murders that cop. However, she clearly knows that they can’t do shit without help. So she arranges for them to get the help so she comes off looking pro-Harlem, and pro-cop.

That’s more true to life than anything in this show, especially given the lattitude people give their politicians and public figures to stuff like this. “They’re on my side so it’s okay. It’s those people who need to be stopped.” [/spoiler]


Yeah, I was never buying that DVD story. I can’t see what great commercial advantage you get from an extra disc.


Sure, it can be done. I just don’t think Daredevil did it very well in season two. Buffy tended to build each season around one Big Bad (I think the show even coined that phrase) and the rest flowed out from there, which is more or less what Daredevil did in season one with the Kingpin. Other, non-superheroey Netflix shows like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards also have 13 episode seasons that make the most of their allotment.

Does Netflix sell these shows to regular TV stations in some territories? Just wondering if that’s why they feel the need to produce 13 episodes per season.


No, not really. Netflix expanded into a hundred plus new countries earlier this year.


With a massive hike in the share price to boot!


Which MCU Hero Luke Cage Should Team Up With, According To Mike Colter


That team-up would lead to a convenient pay rise, eh Mike?


Luke Cage - We finished this series last night and I really loved it. As many have noted, it seemed to take the approach of Daredevil: Season 2 and split the season in the middle. This really helped them avoid some of the padding that was one of the pitfalls of Jessica Jones. I really enjoyed the episodes where they kinda hit pause and went into some of the backstory for the characters. The one for Cottonmouth and Maria was particularly good especially in how it set up the resolution to the first half of the season.

The music was stellar. I really love how the background music struck this cord between the soundtrack to a blaxploitation film and an Ennio Morricone score. It really felt like a Quentin Tarantino film in that way. I’ve put the vinyl for it on my Christmas list. The musical guest idea was also pretty cool. It really integrated Harlem’s Paradise and it’s connection to the story very well.

I used to really hate the way that everything in Marvel comics seemed to happen only in New York City. I think the Marvel Netflix shows have used this to their advantage. The one odd wrinkle is that it almost seemed like Georgia was closer than Hell’s Kitchen as far as Luke and Claire separating themselves from events in Jessica Jones and Daredevil.

I really enjoyed the characters. To me, Luke was this unshakable force of a character that just moved forward and really represented how to be a superhero where he was. I thought Cottonmouth was a great and incredibly nuanced villain. I did not see his death and Moira’s rise to replace him coming but thought that was perfectly handled. Some of the more minor characters impressed me too. I initially thought Shades was going to be a kind of one note lackey but he ended up being pretty great. I also really liked the Method Man cameo and how they really used that as part of the show.

The ending really thew me for a loop. Just when you think the bad guys have lost and the good guys have won, they pull some Empire Strikes Back bullshit and everything goes south. It’s not what I expected but it really has me hungry for more.


Binged on it yesterday and really enjoyed it. Agree with @RonnieM post in full.


Don’t have Netflix so I catch some scenes on Youtube. One of my favorites:


That was a pretty great scene.


I kind of hate that scene. The punch is great but the rest of it is dumb. Cage’s “protection” results in the restaurant getting wrecked. They would have been just as well off if he hadn’t gotten involved.


That’s pretty much a trope of the “vigilante” genre, though.

Look how many villagers died in The Magnificent Seven. They should have just paid the bandits.


There’s a significant difference there though. The villagers chose to fight back. Cage interjects himself into the situation and does more damage than the thugs would have.


Off the top of my head I can think of two Marvel characters who’s backstory includes a loved one dying during a superhero battle where the hero was at least inadvertantly trying to protect them

(Robert Kelly and Dai Thomas, incidentally)


But again, there’s nothing inadvertent in this scene. It doesn’t happen by accident. He’s fighting a bunch of normal humans, who he can literally take out by flicking them in the head, and instead decides to toss them around the restaurant, smashing the place up.


Hang on, I thought you meant when Cottonmouth blows the place up later on rather than the place getting smashed during the fight. That’s just standard fight scene stuff.


That’s my point though. Cage does more damage to the restaurant than it would have cost to make a donation to Mariah. He throws a guy through the restaurants front window for no reason. He doesn’t help, he wrecks the place. All of which is unnecessary because he’s invincible and super strong. He could have just walked around the place slapping the thugs and the fight would have been over with no damage to the place at all.