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Luke Cage (Netflix) discussion


I feel like everybody is missing the biggest issue with this show.

Episode 2: Pop charges $25 for a shave! Who’s the real crook here, Pop?!


That was the special old friend who is now an enemy price.


Um… I pay $40 for a straight razor shave with hot towels here in Austin. $25 is cheap. :slight_smile:


Crikey. £12 here, which is about $15. Maybe $40 before Brexit, though…


I paid like $150 for a haircut about a month ago… which would be about $120 USD…

To be fair to me, it was the best haircut I’ve ever had…


I only paid $15 for my last shave and haircut and I looked like a suicide bomber.


I haven’t had a haircut in three years!


What… what … are you guys saying ?


You’re all doing it wrong;


My last haircut cost $1.42. A shave would have taken it up to $2.


So you didn’t get the shave?

Cheap ******!


Hm. Haircut is about 20 to 25€ I guess, so that’d be more expensive than it is in New York. Damn.


I shave myself 'cause I’m cheap like that =P

Also, my shampoo budget’s gone down to zero, so that’s a bonus!


I haven’t been to a hairdresser in about 8 years (apart from getting cuts done for projects where I appear in photos, which is very rare).

I do have a former hairdresser that’s a close friend who does my back and sides (not a euphemism) every 10 days (I unfortunately have to be fashionable for work, but would prefer to grow my hair out like Yahoo Serious. The kids are all about fades though.), but I take care of the rest.


Lots of great points there, especially about the female characters. I think this series did a great job with Claire. Mariah & Misty were both really interesting/watchable characters.

After finishing the show and reading peoples reactions, it feels like this (more than any of the other Marvel/Netflix shows) had a style/flavour that you either liked or didn’t but for me its probably the most re-watchable and probably my favourite so far. I don’t get the quibbles about quality or length…


I liked Misty from the start; Claire I think is less convincing than she was in Daredevil (at least up to ep.7 which is where I am now) - she doesn’t have any agency of her own in Cage, she’s only there to push the hero forward. It’s bearable because Rosaria Dawson is good, but that’s one really 2-D character, which she wasn’t (quite as much) on Daredevil.

Mariah is a great character, though. I love how in episode 7, she just goes off on Cottonmouth and kills him. Didn’t see that coming at all (it’s good I am not all that versed in Cage comic-book lore). I thought that was a great episode overall; the exploration of Cottonmouth’s and Mariah’s family history was also very good.


One of the things I REALLY didn’t like about Cage was the, what seemed forced to me, Luke and Claire relationship. Like… why? it wasn’t needed at all. Plus we all know that Jessica and Luke hook up together eventually, so it’s kind of silly. Well unless the Netflix-verse decides to go another way with those two, but that’d be a shame… they go well together, somehow :smile:


Because Claire and Cage dated in the comics.


That’s not a good enough reason for the TV show though.

It’s strange to me that they didn’t think up a proper reason for Claire to seek out Luke. It’s just, like, Oh I’ve decided all I want to do with my life now is help random super-heroes - hey! Look who’s on TV! I know that guy! - and I’d rather do it in Harlem than Hell’s Kitchen because, uh, well, this is where this series is set. Nope, I don’t seem to have anything to do but help and motivate Luke Cage, but I do have a very useful random net of contacts who will steal ambulances for me and stuff.

It’s weird that they didn’t give her a plot to give her some more motivation to be in Harlem, and to seek out Luke. Wouldn’t have been hard, just tie her family into some of the shit Cottonmouth is doing.



She was visiting her mother and grew up in Harlem .

I agree she lacks agency but her reason for being in the story isnt a problem.