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Luke Cage (Netflix) discussion


Well, watched ep 1.

It had a great soundtrack.

Beyond that, it suffered from the now seemingly mandatory brutal sequence with villain - I swear something’s wrong when I can watch John Wick kill at least 50 people and that’s lighter than said brutal sequence here.

The bit at the end where Cage throws a big, fat, heavy dude through a window by his arse? Brilliant, but how much crappy stodge am I going to go through to get to the good bits of future eps?

It’s not saying: Watch me!


It gets better with episode 2 or 3, it gets really good with episode 5, imo.


Yea, Wills right.

The first few episodes are all set up. The story doesnt really start to eps 4/5


Honestly, the worst of the Netflix Marvel shows.

Very dull and boring.
Even though I disliked Jessica Jones, at least that had style.
Only style Luke Cage had was in it’s soundtrack…which doesn’t make up for it’s meandering narrative beats or general boredom.


I thought about ranking them but decided against it.

I think DD is definitely the better show, and I think thats largely due to Fisk and Punisher.

JJ has a great story and Villain bit I was a little annoyed at how Nuke was shoehorned in. I think Luke Cage has similar narrative weaknesses so I put the two shows on par.


Jessica Jones is the weakest for me. It’s very dull visually and the middle section is clumsy. I really liked episodes 8 through 12, but the finale let me down. The show has a lot going for it, though. Jessica’s relationships with Trish and Kilgrave are really interesting and fleshed out and most of the cast is great.

I’d rank them:

Daredevil season 2
Luke Cage
DD season 1
Jessica Jones


Almost finished it last night.

The second half is less interesting, it gets a bit clumsy again and a more exaggerated.

But its still interesting and some bits are excellent. Very much a mixed bag but more positive than negative.


I’ve just finished ep 3, and so far, in my opinion, its mind-blowingly bad. I think y’all have already said everything I have to say about it, that the cast deserves a much better script (although I think a few people are terribly cast, namely Misty’s partner, and, so far, Shades, even though I certainly loved him in Sons of Anarchy).

As for the soundtrack? I think most of it has been pretty badly done so far. Love that kind of music, but I think it’s mostly made sequences pretty damned corny. And if I have to watch a person playing on stage at Cottonmouth’s club every time there’s an extended action sequence, I’m not going to be happy.



It does seem that the consensus is the first few episodes are pretty dull.


I like the first half of the season better. :wink:

The music isn’t as well integrated as it could be. Putting the acts on stage is an interesting experiment, normally the music would just be there, in the background, or even from a variety of sources, like radio or TV.

The one where it really worked the best was ‘Long Live the Chief’. Great track and a real connection to Cottonmouth.

The rest of the performances often slowed down the show.


Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with the concept, but I think it’s kind of a one-time thing. I mean, I still have to watch the rest of the series, but to see it twice in three episodes seemed kind of … cheap, to be honest.


Heh, just watching Civil War, and Crossbones’ armour looks to be the same tech as Diamondback’s at the end of the show


I didn’t twig to that at all, but as you mention it. That’s pretty cool.


That was one of my favorite parts of the whole series.

I liked all of the musical performances, though. I liked that one was the Delfonics rehearsing while the club was being fixed.


I’m with Rory and Kiel (and whoever else thought it was shockingly bad). I’m three episodes in, and I was honestly shocked at how bad this was. The dialogues are terrible, and everything is staged at a weirdly dragging pace. That’s what struck me most, really: there’s something about the show making it almost amateurishly bad that is hard to put your finger on; I think in part it’s the editing, and the direction being too static. Anyway, it was so bad I even had to laugh when pop died. I don’t know whether some of the heavy-handedness is some form of homage to blaxploitation films, but if it is, it’s not working.

I like Misty. And I’ll keep watching for a while hoping it’ll get better (as apparently it does, as some of you said), but it’s really surprising that this got past any kind of quality control.


The editing and direction are what’s most jarring for me. Clean that up, and dial back a bit on the on-the-nose dialogue “Always forward” “I’m the kind of man who gets things done” etc, and you’d have a totally fine show. I do think Colter needs to slow down in his delivery a lot of the time, too… seems like he’s in a race to get the words out, leaving things a bit emotionless.


[quote=“Kiel, post:96, topic:8211, full:true”]Clean that up, and dial back a bit on the on-the-nose dialogue “Always forward” “I’m the kind of man who gets things done” etc, and you’d have a totally fine show.

Yeah, that’s what’s such a shame about it - all the pieces are almost in place, but they don’t come together.


Am…I finally in the majority?


What Are You Watching? Infinite Season

Tis a portent of the end times. People have agreed with @Tom_Punk, the Black Squirrel was sighted as far south as Luton and it did rain cheese last night in Shrewsbury :wink:


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