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Luke Cage (Netflix) discussion


Btw, Netflix (web version is still down), but the app version (at least on iOs) is working.



Mariah is actually creeping me out more than Cottonmouth. Which is funny because the illustration of Black Mariah from the old Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe creeped me out when I was a kid.


I love the sense of community in the show, and how Luke becomes a public neighborhood protector. His sense of justice is rooted in neighborhood relationships and history which is a good way to set him apart from the other heroes.

The Geoffrey Canada shoutout in one of Cottonmouth and Mariah’s conversations was cool. This show in general does a really good job of paying homage to Harlem’s past and present.


Ep. 7

Holy effin tacos.


It might be easier if (as before) we tag spoilers with the episode number?

I’m seeing a lot of greyed out text but I’m only up to episode 6. I don’t know what I can safely click on.


Episode 10: Every time Mariah calls Cage a superfreak I want to say “the kind you don’t take home to momma”


Great track


Heh, in episode 11 One of Diamondback’s men calls Claire the Night Nurse


The way it comes up in the show is incredible.


I just got past that part. Fucking awesome.


At first I thought it was going to be corny, but Method Man’s enthusiasm sold it.

All the live music performances are great. I especially liked Jidenna’s (he was the rapper in the suit).


This musical performances have been fantastic, and it’s been a great mix as well. The Delfonics were a nice surprise on that front too.


I only just watched the first episode (I know) but I enjoyed it quite a bit. It establishes a really distinctive vibe for the series compared to other Marvel properties - I especially love how prominent music is in the show - and a lot of the key characters/actors are very charismatic. I think I’m going to enjoy this.

(The only parts I thought were a bit unnecessary were the brief but very explicit references to the Avengers, but I guess that’s a necessary evil for these Netflix series, and I’m expecting/hoping that goes away very soon.)


Summing up: Spoilered for safety.

[spoiler] Cage keeps up the Netflix Marvel shows concepts of “what’s right” vs “winning.” In Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Cage, the hubris of the main characters, or at least, their pride and unwavering intent are their downfall. Daredevil and Jessica eventually hit the “I win” section and do what is necessary to remove the threats.

Cage’s heroes, and I include Misty in that, because she reminds me of the roles Black Widow and Hawkeye play in the Cap Movies and The Avengers, are so focused on being right and honoring their systems of justice, they only get the low hanging fruit and Black Mariah and Shades go free.

It’s not a bad thing though. It’s a very seventies narrative effect, especially with all the seeds for a better day being sown during the denouement. Except for mad-scientist man and Diamondback. That shit is a nightmare waiting to happen. Villians like Mariah Dillard scare me more than violent psychos. She has hearts and minds in addition to the ability to bring pain and suffering.

Cage may have conquered his demons and escaped the ghost of his dead supervillain wife, but the bad guys won. And in Diamondback’s case, he’s won the goddamned lottery.

Honestly though, the only thing I did not like, was Cage not acknowledging the role Kilgrave played in his getting shot in the face by Jessica. He told her to shoot. He was not in control. He should have owned that shit. Of course, it’s yet another trauma on top of a cake of traumas.

A special shout out for Clair Temple. She rocks so damned hard. I could write an entire essay just about her, and regular human fortitude and ingenuity in the urban landscape of MCU New York.

Anyway, I don’t know if I’ll watch it again. I haven’t re-watched any of the MCU shows after binging them over a couple of days, but I am satisfied.



I was buying into it until the bazooka.


Really enjoying Luke Cage so far. I’m nearly finished - only a few more to go but I think it’s my favourite of the 3 Marvel Netflix shows.


Unfortunately I have to agree with Rory, 70% of this show is awfully written, and what’s more, it feels like it’s either written by white people or re-written by white people (and I don’t know which is worse). The Irony is, apart from Claire, the MCU Netflix glue, the character with the cheesiest name (Shades) is actually the least cheesy character in the whole thing. What the kcuf is using a radio edit of Bring The Ruckus all about?? Not to mention the insane level of plotholes that even I, semi-professional plothole filler that I am, don’t want to even attempt to fill…


There is charm to be had here, and, while like in every other MCU Netflix series it suffers from stupidly being 13 episodes instead of 8-10 and having wayyy too much filler, at least here a lot of the filler is more charming and watchable than the scenes that push the plot like a bad episode of CSI where any normal human can barrel roll away from twists ten minutes before they happen, or the filler in the other series’. There are some genuinely fantastic scenes, Cottonmouth with Biggies metaphorical crown, his Pops reaction, the flashbacks, Luke’s ‘bath,’ Method Man, that fight, any scene with Claire, Any time Luke says, “Sweet [something or other],” Mariah’s near meltdown and a lot of little touches here and there.

It’s such a pity about the script, because with a better one, Luke Cage had a chance to be as good as the Noir books referred to in it, but instead is something most will struggle to admit is pretty poor, but with a bunch of awesome bits thrown in. But in their hearts they’ll know only Claire, Method Man and the directing pretty much saved this from being as bad as Heroes ended up.


That was infuriating.

I don’t think the show was poor. I think it was genuinely good. It did things with superheroes that I hadn’t seen before, primarily the relationship between hero and community. The dialogue could get wooden, but that mostly bothered me in the first four episodes. After that, I thought the dialogue smoothed out (though Mike Colter still had trouble delivering his wordier lines).


Episode 4…[spoiler] They managed to get the tiara and yellow shirt in. And punching his way out of Seagate. [/SPOILER]. Bravo.

Otherwise it is a little bit more black and white than Daredevil or Jessica Jones. I am not seeing too many flaws or shades of grey in Luke yet. I am enjoying it. He is terribly likable though.


I agree the scripting did get better after the first four episodes, but for me it wasn’t just the stunted dialogue (or such heavy reliance on stereotypes), the story beats were very contrived to the point where the audience could continue writing themselves… not that I don’t understand some people enjoy that, but a story with such great delivery in terms of acting talent and directing deserves better scripting.

Are you sure you don’t like this more than you think because of the soundtrack, Will? :wink: To be fair, despite my trashing of the script I’m already looking back on parts of Luke Cage very fondly because of the music (apart from the radio edit debacle), which I neglected to mention.