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Luke Cage (Netflix) discussion


This series has the best sense of place of any Marvel film or show.

Also, Simone Missick is beyond beautiful. She and Luke have great chemistry.

Cottonmouth has the potential to be Marvel’s scariest villain, I think.


It’s shot beautifully. Most stills could be computer wallpapers.


Man, I want to like this show but honestly it’s not very good. It’s got a couple good moments but the dialogue is mostly painfully stilted and bad.

I’m two episodes in and I’m honestly considering giving up on it. My wife gave up at the end of the first episode. It’s too bad too because it’s filled with some very talented actors, who could be amazing if given better scripts to work with.


You get the origin story in Ep 4 which is pretty well done.


Just starting it, very heavy handed. Why not just give the audience the Cliffs Notes and be done with it.

Hoping it picks up.


This is not something I want to hear when I’ve only watched the first three episodes and I have to go to work now. :slight_frown:

I’m going to wake you up when I get home so you can take me dancing to the soundtrack. :slight_smile:


Shades is also an interesting enigma.

The pilot has a strong style and point of view. It is interesting how it plays with the stereotypes. The African American characters are multi-dimensional while the (very few) white and other ethnicities come off as stereotypical (like Cage’s Chinese landlords, Cottonmouth’s Puerto Rican customer and Misty’s by-the-book probably Irish detective partner). It was great that the best example of “multi-diversity” in the show was the kid’s cook out that was basically being used by one of the villains (the councilwoman) to push forward her own nefarious agenda (that she thinks is probably a good thing). Strong choice to give a line like “For black lives to matter, black history and black ownership must also matter” to someone who’s on the wrong side of the story.

The final scene felt rushed and more a plot necessity than supported by Cage’s experiences up to that point (“you live and die by your actions”). I didn’t really get the switch from “hide in plain sight” to “take a stand” in his story to that point.


I’m choosing to believe that the captain of Misty’s unit is Kima Greggs, moved to New York and given a promotion since she quit Baltimore to get away from her ex.


I finished episode 7 - that escalated quickly.


Four episodes in; it’s a very choppy show, after a really bad first episode, the second was a lot better, although still with rough patches.

Since then it’s continued to go up and down but, I’m enjoying it a lot more than ‘Jessica Jones’.

I think that’s because Luke is a better person than Jessica.


Agreed. This was a problem for me, too.

She commands each and every scene she’s in. I love her banter with Luke an her partner especially.

Also because of this show, every time I hear “touche” I will think of her in her tiny dress, lol.

P.S. Every time I hear “Cottonmouth” and “Diamondback,” I think of these two…


The scene on the basketball court was great. Nice ending to that, too, when she pointed at her initials on the pavement.

Cottonmouth is supposed to be the one from the comics you posted, I think they have the same name. I think there is more than one Diamondback so we’ll see which one they use.

EDIT: Wait, I’m wrong. It seems like they might be combining the Serpent Society Cottonmouth (because of the Diamondback connection) with a drug kingpin named Cottonmouth from the Luke Cage comics.


just gonna paste what I posted on the other thread:

It’s pretty cool… I’m up to ep 8, and it’s been rather good. It’s not as bombastic as either DD or JJ, it’s more “slow-paced” and more “grounded” as it feels less superhero-ey overall. It’s more of a vigilante/gangsters tale, but it’s strangely riveting. It helps that it has some really good acting, production and a fantastic soundtrack of course. Oh and Misty Knight is hot as hell :smile:

Funny thing is that even though it’s about as violent as DD or JJ, it doesn’t feel as heavy or oppresing… Maybe it’s got to do with the fact that Luke is just Luke and he wears no mask. I dunno, I guess so far it hasn’t been anything too “new” or groundbreaking at all, but it’s certainly been a great show so far. Not every show need to innovate and SHs are now rather common stuff, so I’ll settle with well made rather than flashy.

Oh and I really hope they release a soundtrack of some sort… the music’s been really really good.

Damn I binged it all yesterday :smile:

I enjoyed it. Got some small nits to pick, but overall it was good. I felt it was a lot more focused and better structured than DD1, 2 and JJ1, which is good news for future Netflix shows. I didn’t feel 13 episodes was too much this time around, which is good too… I kinda want to know if people feel the same on this particular point which has been a point of contention for those other series.

I’ll not write much for now to give people a chance to finish it first though… Just to say: I really hope we see Misty in IF… =P


The basketball scene was AMAZING, I just wish it was slightly longer and they showed more of it. Having to deal with so many football fans around me, it’s great to hear some basketball conversations again.

After some Google-Fu, it seems that multiple people in Marvel have used these codenames. For Luke Cage… we have this Cottonmouth:

and this Diamondback…

I thought they made up a lot of characters for the show, but they all seem to have comic roots tied to the comic Cage’s origin story (a gang called The Harlem Rivals & Cage was a member)…


Oh wow, so there may not be a Serpent Society connection at all. Thanks for doing some hunting.


I really liked Shades… Cottonmouth was great too… Diamondback was also good, except I kinda didn’t like his ultimate reasons for going against Cage. Too childish, but the 3 guys commanded a lot of screen presence and were all intimidating and well done within their own style.


Unexpected error. What do you MEAN unexpected error?

Half-way through episode 5 :cry:

Evil Netflix is evil and toying with me. How am I supposed to find out if Juice ever gets to do anything other than take his sunglasses on and off? Someone fetch me a car door to fling at Netflix’s head. :rage:


btw, as per wiki:

Diamondback is the name of four fictional characters appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The first Diamondback is not related to the subsequent three versions that are all connected with each other. The first Diamondback was Willis Stryker, a childhood friend of Luke Cage who was killed not long after his debut in Luke Cage: Hero for Hire. The second Diamondback is Rachel Leighton, originally a super villain who was part of the Serpent Society. She was first introduced in Captain America #310 (October 1985) and became a series regular for years afterwards. The third Diamondback, Debbie Bertrand, was a mercenary that used equipment originally designed for Rachel Leighton and made her debut in the Secret War storyline. The fourth character to use the Diamondback was a Life Model Decoy (LMD) used by the Red Skull against Captain America.


Cottonmouth is the name of two distinct, unrelated fictional villains appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The first Cottonmouth, Cornell Cottonmouth, first appeared in Power Man #18 (June 1974) in a story written by Len Wein and drawn by George Tuska. The second Cottonmouth, Burchell Clemens, is a snake-themed super villain, mainly associated with the Serpent Society. He first appeared in Captain America vol. 1 #310 (October 1985), created by writer Mark Gruenwald and artist Paul Neary.

So yeah, it seems the Serpent Society guys were later.


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Damn NF, you have to go down today…

Yes, the characters appearing are mostly from the comics in one form or another, and a lot of them were 70’s punching bags for Luke Cage or Heroes for Hire.