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Luke Cage (Netflix) discussion


So with Luke Cage hitting Netflix in a couple of days, and a lot of reviews and new trailers starting to come in, I thought it was worth giving the show a dedicated thread where we can talk about it.

As ever with the Netflix TV series threads, we all watch the show at different paces so if anything spoilery is going to be discussed, please mark it with spoiler tags, like this:

[ spoiler ]Soylent Green Is People![ /spoiler ]

(but without the spaces).

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I haven’t seen it yet


What Lorcan says is accurate


Sweet Easter!









An interesting interview with showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker:

I thought this was quite a sensible comment on the nature of comics adaptations:

[quote]It’s interesting then, I’ve spoken to the actors already and they’ve all said they were advised not to read the comics, so did that come from you?

No! Not me. Though I get why they’ve heard that. It’s that sometimes using them as a guide means you can become very literal, and it ties you so close to a property that you lose the ability to step back and change things. When you step out of one medium to another it changes. The perfect example, because I’m also a huge JK Rowling fan, is the Harry Potter movies. I’ve read all the books and you notice the first two movies that Chris Columbus did, he was almost so afraid to not change anything that he literally filmed conversations word-for-word, and the fans were like “Come on…”.

So when Alfonso Cuaron took over the third movie and got a bit looser with it - not making departures, but let it breathe a little - that’s when they took off. And my hope with Luke Cage was that I’d stay close to the source material but let it breathe and take some chances. The audience doesn’t want to see a direct translation. They think they do, but if you give them one they’ll call it stiff and wooden.[/quote]

I also liked the characterisation of the show as a “hip-hop western”.


Which was exactly the take Azzarello/Corben’s CAGE MAX mini-series used (based directly on A Fistfull of Dollars… which was based on Kurosawa’s Yojimbo… which was based on Hammet’s Red Harvest… which was probably based on something Shakespeare wrote):


Oh man I cannot believe that clip at the end of the video Dave posted! Why not let us enjoy that when it happens in the show??


If it’s not Shakespeare it’s the Bible. Or Aristoteles.

Every time.


I completely missed this in the trailer:

They’ve done similar things in the previous Netflix series, haven’t they? I’m sure in Daredevil he was a police officer in a picture on the wall in the police station.


Finally, Like Cage is here :slight_smile:


New Method Man song from the soundtrack:


That’s pretty cool.


One thing the Luke Cage series definitely has in common with Daredevil and Jessica Jones is a nice, atmospheric title sequence (presented here without credits):


Up to episode 2, enjoying it…

Seeing Misty Knight & Rafael Scarfe is nice, and even Turk from Daredevil shows up. :slight_smile:


I’m four episodes in and it’s a good show. It’s just lacking a real wow moment/episode for me to get really excited for it. It definitely feels more like Jessica Jones than Daredevil. But i love the soundtrack, and the performances are all great.


ive only watched the first episode, Definitely closer to Jessica than DD. I thought the sex and strippers was a little gratuitous. Colter is great. the scenes with mariah and cottonmouth stretched my disbelief. Seeing them together is ok but the way she keeps talking about not being seen together is silly. Either they sell the idea that he is a successful club owner and not gunrunner/drug dealer or not, don’t keep talking about it. but it is a good start. Loved the fight


I think they should have either gone for nudity or not, but every topless woman wearing pasties really made it feel like how non-mature readers comics always use strategic hair placement and shadows to hide genitals and breasts.


Heh, those touches in episode four, you will know what I mean.