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I’m almost totally new here. Posted once a while ago, but I think I’ll stick around this time. I’m a comic artist with published work under my belt. I’ve previously worked as a colorist for Marvel and some pages for DC through HiFi along with Image Comics and a ton others.

Since 2015 I’ve lightly been pursuing a career as a comic drawer. I ink my pages in manga studio so no pencils are involved. Not technically a penciller. :stuck_out_tongue:

My most recent project was last year working with Jimmy Palmiotti (name drop) on John Carpenters Tales for a Halloween Night Vol 2. Since then, I’ve worked full time as a concept artist and have been raising my two kids with my wife whilst practicing the art of practicing… getting better at making comics that is.

Rates. $125-200 per page paid per page completed.

Here’s my newest art mixed with some old stuff.

Here’s what I’m working on now. Just a quiet no words story of Peter Parker taking a tour of Tony Stark’s Malibu Home. I was told that I should work on my “quiet scenes”, so that’s what I’m doing. More of these pages to come!

Here’s a project I’m working on in my spare time with writer Mark Bertolini, one of the coolest guys writing indy comics today!

And now for a huge art dump of stuff I’ve worked on in the past couple years.

Some pages from Halloween Nights from Storm King Productions

And some more stuff

I also paint in gouache!

Recent sketches and paintings and a picture of me sitting looking super handsom so you know what I look like. Note* I’ve since shaved my beard but I’ll be back in two weeks.

<img src="/uploads/example/original/3X/8/c/8c67b6f00e0d6c916b94693543623378064b2102.jpg" width="337"height=“600”>

Thanks for looking and I hope to make many new friends on this forum!

Happy Day!