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Looking to hire a team to prepare a pitch for six-issue comic book

Any artists out there looking to get hired?

I’m preparing a publisher pitch for Milky, a full-colour, six-issue comic book. Here’s the elevator pitch:

An insecure British-Indian milkman must lead the narrow-minded villagers of Crafton Hill against an alien invasion after all the women are abducted…

Milky is a tale of fear and the prejudice that stems from it. The story is packed with thrilling chases, dark emotional drama and a huge climactic battle that sees a nervous milkman stand up to injustice and bring the villagers of Crafton Hill together. It’s an adventure for anyone who likes their social commentary with a splash of underdog hero, exploding alien skulls and one foul-mouthed old lady…

I’ve written a 22-page script and a detailed outline for a six-issue arc.

I wanted to throw this out to the good people of the Millarworld forum before I tried any other avenues. I’ve entered the last two Millarworld talent searches and the support and passion on here is what I’m looking to channel into this project.

Here’s what I’m after. A penciller; an inker; a letterer; and a colourist to put together:

  • Six sequential pages
  • A cover
  • For the penciller, I’d like to start by paying for a few character sketches to see if we’re on the same page

Should the pitch not bear fruit, I’d like to turn it into a Kickstarter campaign. If that’s doesn’t do the trick, I’ll pay the team to complete the first issue myself, and just hope the missus doesn’t notice I’ve eBayed most of the furniture…

So please get in touch if you’d like me to send you the full synopsis, outline and script. I’m really looking for people who like the sound of the project and will enjoy working on it, rather than someone just looking for a paycheck (which I appreciate is also important). The idea is to see it through as a team, whether it gets the attention of a publisher or not.

Also open to any other advice about how to go about this/if this is even an appropriate way to appeal for artists.

Thanks a million for your time. Hope to hear from some of you!


Hi Josh!

You had me at “exploding alien skulls” :smiley:
I´ll send you a message.

Good luck with the project, looks like fun!

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Hey Joshua, interested in this. Message sent! :slight_smile:






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Looks like fun to draw. I love the fact that you are trying to do authoral comics, that’s my goal too.
If you like my work I’ll love to do it. I can do pencils and Inks.

Thanks for the invitation

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Hi Joshua, it will be great to draw some funny pages, here are some of mine from the last Millar Contest, i can pencil and/or ink some character sketches too!
Cheers, Simone.