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Looking for Help Subbing DC inspired Spanish crime show


I first brought this series up in the “What Are You Watching” thread.
It’s a DC Comics inspired Spanish crime show with the basic premise of “what if the Justice League was a South American gang”.
It’s actually pretty good and the closest thing I can make comparison to is Justice League: Gods and Monsters with some tinges of Watchmen.

Unfortunately, even though the first season is available on youtube for free, there has been no subs for the series made.
I feel it is my duty to help bring that to DC fans everywhere, but I need help.
If you know how to sub or have a better handle on the Argentinian dialect of spanish…then please let’s get this done.

Here’s the intro, to help you get a feel for it


This series is acctually an Spin Off, of a Book based movie called “Kriptonita”, Written by Leonardo Oyola (One of Argentina´s most “Prommessing” writter (Altough he has written eleven books, already) along with Washinton Cucurto and Juan Terranova).
The serie, (and the movie) was directed by “Genre” director Nicanor Loretti; and not only is “Inspired” but the DC Mythos, but is also full of references and Eastern Eggs for those that pays enough attention.

I´m not good enough of a translator to undertake the task, but I can provide some information if you ask me too.


Yeah, I know about that.

I just didn’t mention the movie cause that’s an even longer undertaking, with tracking down a copy of that to begin with.

The show actually loses all of the subtleties and introduces Catwoman, Harvey Bullock, Commissioner Gordon, Deathstroke, Harley Quinn, and Mirror Master.

I can understand about half of what is being said, so I just need someone to help fill in the blanks and then aid in fonting and hardcoding the subbing


You really liked the show! (Kudos, my friend)
I wish I could help you, but I´m not able to do much until I finally get “Latin I” Out of my back (It´s the last of my Courses before I finally become an Spanish literature Major).
And, off course, the new Draft of my subbmission for the Millar World Contest.


It’s a fun show, and possibly the best DC show out there in terms of being cohesive.
I really feel like it’s my duty to get the word out and even help others watch it.

To that end, to any one interested here are the trailers to the movie and the first season


Still looking for collaborators cause trying to do this myself is resulting in a very stiff and cumbersome translation. Need someone with more fluency on board.

Here’s the youtube release of the first episode to garner interest


My fluency is only about 3000 words or so, so I’m not sure I’ll top you fluency wise in any way but I’m willing to help out if I can depending on how busy I am with my own work?

Edit: Also part of the reason I’m saying this is my aim is 10000 words so when i get there I don’t want you thinking I ignored your plea at the begining :smiley:


Well, that’s certainly better than me.
My fluency is in the 1000s at best.

Check out the first episode that I linked and see how you fare.
If you think you’ll enjoy working on this with me, then yeah I’d be glad to sign ya up.

Working on getting RAWs for the episodes.


Tom, I really wish you the best of luck here. I will be a ton of grateful if you get this done, and I’m really sorry I can’t help you. Not for lack of wanting to help you or anything, I just don’t know spanish.

But I really hope you get the help you need! Hasta la victoria siempre½



I already have a subtitler program, just need someone (or someones) to work with me at creating a good script.


I’m sure we have someone who lives in Mexico knocking about, can’t think who it is tho. They might be a good help on the slang and what not.


I think it’s @Dave_DSG, but you think it’s too much to tag them?
Yeah the slang is tough.

The title itself is slangy, and took me a while to figure out.


I wasn’t sure about the title myself, was thinking Not Exactly Super but I’ll take a Google before I watch on Sunday


It’s actually “Super Gasoline” or “Super Petrol”.
It’s the main alias of the Superman analogue…based on the focus of his heat vision


Cracker. I wouldn’t have cottoned onto that at all before watching I’ve never seen or heard the word nafta before it was just a guess based on the content


Hahah, me neither

But it makes sense since it’s a degradation of NAFTA, sorta one of those things were a singular product becomes the catch-all term for everything that comes after.


Ahh, so it’s like a trade name that became slang like Google is it?


In fact, it’s similar to the Batman analogues title, which is “El Federico”.
That would literally translate to “The Frederick”…but the name comes from the fact that he’s a former “Fed” or Federal Agent.


Looks like there’ll be a lot of googling involved here then if that’s just title and character names haha. Will work well as education too tho I guess. I’ll prob learn a lot more Spanish terms and words through this than I would normally in the same time frame which is good


I’ve already got the character names all sussed out, but I figure we’d leave them untranslated in the subs proper. Mainly because they sound better as-is.