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Looking for co-writer (science-fiction, action, superheroes)


So, anyways, I’ve decided to totally rewrite my story called MIST, and I’ve drafted it out.
I’m looking for someone who can:
A) Improve the draft and add their own input and ideas to it.
B) Help write the script based on the draft.

The script and the draft is on Google Docs, so you will need to have a Google/Gmail account to access it.

The story is the first in a series set in an expanded universe, and involves action, science-fiction (more mundane and realistic, rather than inter-galaxy travel, time-travel, and aliens), and most importantly, superheroes.
The story is meant to be gritty, but not extremely dark. There are also inserts of humor.

The story follows a world where a few thousand children/teenagers in the world have superpowers they were born with (powered people are called Enhanceds). This happened from 15-10 years ago, and it was an unusual and unnatural occurrence. A response unit called SHADOW, led by the reckless Director Osborne, pulls together 6 powerful Enhanceds to fight battles involving other Enhanceds. The story will follow this team, called MIST, on a personal level as well as a superhero team.
Most loose plot threads are already thought of, to set up future stories.

Please reply if you are interested.