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Looking for Art Feedback



Heres some pieces, some finished and nearly finished.

Trying to get into making my own books again. I’ve got an idea for an anthology book set in an Arabian Nights/Conan inspired world from my DnD days.

It would focus on a Magic Lamp and all the different Genies it’s housed and chaos it causes. Going to get started on pages soon.

I love feedback, anything you got art wise! Might share some scripts later too :slight_smile:


Hey, that’s a fun idea!


Thanks dude :slight_smile:


Have you checked out the Anime series Magi :labyrinth of magic?
Has a very good use of the overall Arabian nights mythos.


I have, not a big anime fan, didn’t like it much.



Same as most folks - figures tend to be presented full-face or profile. Amazing how often all we see in real life is a glimpse, a portion or the back of another’s head. FWIW. The drawing is quite cool1


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Not sure what FWIW means


For what it’s worth? :thinking: