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Looking for an Artist for horror story


Hi, guys. I hope you can help me out. Me and several other folks who did not make it into this year’s Millarworld Annual are doing a horror anthology and my part of the book is attached - a story about technology gone wrong called “Ironbound.” Due to some of the artists that were part of the initial group having other projects come up, I am still in search of an artist for my story. The group of us are all doing this mainly for the exposure, with the end goal of submitting the book to a publisher to print or to offer on Comixology. None of us are being paid for the project but I will be happy to split any future profits, royalties, etc. 50/50 with the artist if this character goes somewhere and becomes popular. I know everyone’s time is valuable, but if anyone is interested in this story, please post a link to your work. Any feedback on the story itself would be much appreciated as well as any other guidance in other places to find an artist. I have been very impressed with the community here and wanted to try here first. Thank you all for your time!


Good luck with your search, fella!

However, if i can play devils advocate…
This is the second time i have given this advice on here today and i am sorry to keep repeating myself.
But you will have more luck finding a partner if you are paying…honestly, something is better than nothing.
I know that is a kick in the nuts, but sadly it works.
I am speaking from experience here…as a writer myself, it is hard finding a artist partner because sadly “possible” back end payments and royalties is a tough sell.
It takes a decent artist at least a full day to do one page (just pencils), so to put it in context…would you work a full five days at work for a “potential” unknown amount pay day that you wont see for 6-12 months?

John layman paid Rob Guillory out of his own pocket to make CHEW before it got picked up and he is a seasoned pro.

Even The Chief pays his artists collaborators out of his pocket…

What helped me was start thinking in “pages” rather than money to help me save up.

“i really fancy a pizza tonight, hmmmmmm, actually the cost of that is the same as 1/4 of a page of comic art, i’ll cook instead!”

Instead of going to the pub with my mates and buying three rounds at £5 a pint (its expensive in London)…i got a couple of beers from the supermarket and went home and wrote…while getting smashed! :smiley:
Three rounds in the pub is half, if not two thirds a comic page!

Seriously it works, its how i saved up my cash to pay my partners and it is crazy how quick you’ll save up for five pages.

Plus, as well as making the artist partner feeling appreciated, it will also give your partner more incentive to finish.You might be lucky and find a AMAZING artist to work on your story…but he/she is always gonna put paying work ahead of your because they got bills to pay.
…again from experience.
The original artist on my comic CHUNKS had the script for a year…i didn’t see one page…couple of character designs and a pin up…had to take paying work.
So, i went away, saved up, paid Cris and we are on #3 :wink:
I hope that helps?
I’m really not trying to be preachy…i just don’t want people to make the same mistakes i have! :smiley:


Thank you for your message, Matt. What you are saying makes a lot of sense. I had experience both ways and had much better results when paying the artist. I will take your advice to heart and see what I can put together to pay a collaborator for the story. Thank you for taking the time to respond - it is much appreciated!


No, thank you for taking my advice the way it was intended!

Psst! I have a secret…we are a community, it what we do.
Everyone on MW is here to help and we all want you to succeed.

I wouldn’t be where I am today, without this place…don’t get me wrong, I’m nowhere, but still! :joy:

PS…read your script too.
Really enjoyed it…KEEP GOING!!!