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Looking for an artist for a proposed series/graphic novel

I hope it’s ok to post this kind of message here. My name is Raz, and comics stories based on my scripts have appeared in FutureQuake and Murky Depths. I have recently pitched a futuristic/post-apocalyptic story for a certain publisher, which can work as either a 4-issue mini or an 88-pages graphic novel. The publisher expressed interest, but it wants to see an artist attached and 5 finished pages before making a decision (I have written the script for the first issue/first 22 pages of the graphic novel).
Is anyone interested in trying? I must warn you that I can’t pay upfront. The publisher works on profit-sharing, so if the project does get picked up, I will work out the divide of the money we’ll make (which I suspect won’t be much. It’s not a big publisher).

It is okay Raz.

However I will say you’ll likely not have any success. Writers asking for artist threads almost never have in the decade and more I have been observing it, in fact they are lucky if anyone ever replies.

I would propose a better idea would be look at some of the many artists in the Millarworld competition thread, see if one had the ideal style you’d want for the book that would suit them and then approach them.


Saying a publisher is interested, isn’t a yes.
I suggest paying an artist for those five pages.
You’ll have more luck finding a partner to work with.

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mmm… I am very new in this, but i can try, but sadly i dont have a portafolio, if you send me the first 5 page, I can try and drawing. sorry i am from Mexico xD.