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Looking for an artist for a 5-Page Comic Book Proposal for Image Comics


This is a short sypnosis of my comic book:

“As scientists fail to develop a cure for the Zombie Virus outbreak, the World Health Organization creates a taskforce stationed in cities across the world called the GRAVEHUNTERS, tasked to eliminate zombies, execute infected humans, and arrest people who keep zombies for whatever reason. The greatest Gravehunter, Ian Bradshaw, must make a life-changing decision: protect his recently infected wife from execution, or bash her brains in himself.”

I recently joined this site not only cause I’m a big Millar fan (Starlight and Jupiter’s Legacy are my favorites), but also to look for an artist for a 5-page horror comic book proposal I am planning to send to Image Comics.

I’ve been trying to draw it myself, but it’s not as good as I want it to be since I am not a trained artist.

Image Comics requires at least 5 pages (inked, not colored) for the proposal.

If you’re interested, I can e-mail you a longer sypnosis for the first volume of my story, as well as the five pages of comic art I did.

Thanks for your time.


I’m interested


Cragz, can you send me some of your artwork? Thanks.


I’m looking for a project to work on lately. Unfortunately I’m not a writer but I’m a pretty good artist. I’d be interested in working on it.

You can see some of my art here:

It’d be great to hear from you on this.


I think I saw the perfect artist for this in the Contest submissions