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Looking for a script editor?


Hi everyone! I’m currently writing a comic script and I’m also looking to build some experience with editing comics. I have quite a bit of experience with editing blogs, books, newsletters, short stories, poems, etc. If you’d like some feedback, feel free to get in touch!!


Welcome to MW, SL!

We’ve just had our MW 2016 Annual contest and we have plenty of posters who would be happy for some script feedback - I refer you to this thread:

Feel free to go in and drop some reviews of the scripts in there!

It’s also worth mingling with your fellow creatives in this section of MW - you may find a like minded artist to help draw your script (if you haven’t done so already).


Hi Sanjay,

Thanks so much for the link, I’ll definitely take a look! And I am looking for an artist…I’ll be sure to mingle :slightly_smiling: