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Looking For A Penciler for Millarworld Talent Search!


My name is Anthony Fowler; I’m an inker and illustrator based out of St. Louis, MO. I was looking forward to submitting to this years’ Millarworld Annual 2017 Talent Search, but alas, they aren’t accepting solo inker submissions at this time.

I was hoping to find a penciler to team up and submit with; any help would be appreciated. I ink traditionally with brush and india ink.

If you are a penciler interested in submitting with an inker, here is my portfolio for your consideration.

I have recently inked “Dresden Files: Wild Card #3” for Dynamite and the "Eisenhorn: Xenos #0 tie-in issue for T-Pub Comics. I also do sketch cards for Upper Deck.


–Anthony F.


Hi Anthony, my name is Giuseppe and I’m a penciler, unfortunately, I have never worked professionally so far I’m still trying to break into.
Anyway, what you’ve said caught my interest and I’d like to hear more about it if you are still looking for a partner.
If you want, check out my work to have a better idea of me. Thanks