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Look what the Fed Ex guy just delivered...


Next week’s Chrononauts #2 plus Sean’s delicious movie cover variant:

Good times, amigos.



I think this is what was supposed to be posted :smile:


what is it with the Chief and mirrors? or does he feel the need to show off his hands in all these pictures? Is there some secret desire within him to be a hand model? I do love that movie cover though. the blonde doesn’t quite capture the whole Kelly McGillis vibe but the other guy nails the Tom Cruise pose and the volleyball scene is priceless.


The FedEx guy just delivered this to me. I think yours is a happier guy.


Did you order it, or is it some sort of abstract threat?


New board, same old job:


I ordered it.

He’s really gonna like it when I order the 40kg one.


Who did you order through? I want another Agatsu bell. I also want one of Joe Rogan’s primal bells.