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London Super Comic Con


Any Millarworlders going to this?
It will be my first time at LSCC and I can’t wait :smiley:
I’ll be debuting my All New Wolverine cosplay there, and cosplaying Domino on the Sunday. Weird to think I’ve only been cosplaying and going to conventions for a year! (apart from the odd one here and there over the years)


I’ll probably be popping down to see a few friends in the bar on Saturday, if I can get out of work commitments.

Good effort! May your cosplay costume stay in one piece all weekend! :slightly_smiling:


The Fox?


Yep! I think I’ve now been to The Fox more times than in the actual cons.


That’s the true spirit of British cons.


If you see me come and say hi :slight_smile: I’ll probably still be in costume for a wee while after the con :slight_smile:


I was intending going but sadly had to pull out so the only two cons I’ll be hitting this year are Edinburgh in April and Glasgow in July. Costume’s look great. Hope it’s a good weekend.


Like Sanjay, I’m hoping to be at the bar Saturday evening.


Hey Sanjay (et al),

My previous MW account (TimmyB) looked to have expired so only just got round to creating a new one. Chatted over a few years and finally met when one of the regulars was over a few years back (All Bar One on New Ox St I think)…

Well gots me a press pass so will be around and about interviewing some creators and writing up panels. Be cracking to pop by for a bevy on the Saturday eve - think I’ll probably remember but if you are meeting at a certain place / time and cool to join then do let me know.

Enjoy the Con all!

Tim(my B)


Can you buy tickets on the door? How much for me and my 8 yr old?


Details on the website -

I presume you can buy tickets on the day, probably about £4 for a kid for a day ticket.


Can’t make it but for those that do, hope you have a fun time.


Hello The Fox, I shall be in you soon!

I’ll be there with James, SteveUK, Carlos F (he was dressed as Han Solo and took Cosplay pics at the Con)) but I plan to move on to another drinking establishment after couple of hours

I’ll be the chap in/outside the bar cosplaying as a stocky Indian guy with a devastatingly handsome smile and a can do attitude.


Hello, lscc bar. Take all my monies.


Slightly hung over this morning and I have work to do. Bleh. :frowning:

The Fox was very busy, lots of people dancing and having a great time. Just as it should be!

And I got to catch up with people.

And whiskey. :slightly_smiling:

Anyone going today, I hope you have a brilliant day!


Haha yeh, roughly 50 cosplayers (including myself) doing the macarena was definitely an amusing sight!


I only saw two Deadpools.

Next year? Wall to wall Deadpools!


That all? I would have thought even without the movie there would have been more.


Nah there was maybe only 5 in total I saw at the Marvel meet. Not even that many Harley Quinns either!


Really? Thats the two I see most of .Do you think its maybe a sign of people wanting to be more original or different in what they are cosplaying as?