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Logan Movie talkback thread (Spoilers within)


What do we think?

I’m delighted to see this going down so well. 238M opening weekend on a 125M budget?

Our furry friends at Fox will be very happy this morning!


Logan Discussion (SPOILERS)

I REALLY liked it…but i think the third act wasn’t good.

It started fantastic and i loved (in a heartbreaking way) seeing what has happened to Logan.
The brutality was fantastic (not that i condone violence), it was what i wanted to see from a Wolverine film.


Hated seeing and hearing Prof X swearing…even as a senile old man…that disappointed me.
Also, didn’t like the fact that Prof x, knowing that they are being tracked and the enemy keeps knowing where they are, still would happily put the farmer family in danger…because he wants to sleep in a cozy bed and have a meal.
You know they are gonna die…it was predictable…which was a shame.

Didn’t like the way they glazed over what happened to the X-men…That should have been a HUGE shocking and heartbreaking reveal…it was a clever twist (because of the rights, i get it) on Millar’s comic.
I could have been used a lot better in my humble opinion:

Charles in tears and shouting…

PRO X: I REMEMBER, Logan…i remember.
it was me…
I killed them…i killed them all (sobbing inconsolably)
Why didn’t you kill me, Logan?!..i deserve to die…i killed my children…

But that’s just me! :wink:

I also wanted MORE of a villain…a clone X-24…didn’t really cut it for me…
Young Wolverine v old Wolverine…there are a plethora of amazing villains they could have used…i understand the choice…but if i’m gonna lose a hero…i don’t want it via a younger doppelganger…

Also, i wanted to see EDEN!
The kids are talking on the radio to “someone” saying that they can cross tomorrow…but who are they?!

I know i am bitching…sorry, because i did REALLY like it and of course i am going to buy it when it comes out…but it felt like they were holding a lot back so they can release a “feral uncut edition” blu ray with extra scenes…

The trailer made it look sooooooo amazing, i think i was just a little disappointing with what i actually saw :frowning:

I’d give it a 7/10…


I loved it. Was a brilliant character driven drama that stands on its own even if you hadn’t seen previous movies. I love feeling this emotional about a character and possibly haven’t done in this way with a character since the Dark Knight Trilogy.
But aside from this it was also a lot of fun, the humour was great in my opinion and the action was what we’ve needed in a Wolverine pic.
You can also see the love and passion that went into believing this film, even up to the end fight that put Logan in the woods, referencing his Canadian roots.
Great performances too, obviously from the main cast, Stephen Merchant was surprisingly good as quite a tragic character. It wasn’t trying to be a villains movie but Boyd Holbrook Donald Piece brought a good amount of charisma to his role. But Dafne Keen stole the show, she was great.
There were no massive revelations or twists either, which worked as they were looking to do something different. It’s fairly clear the awful thing Charles did but also by not showing what Eden was it made the story very small and the mission very small. In the end it was Logan saving the next generation who may or may not be going somewhere they’ll be accepted.

Overall, very impressed, Wolverine hasn’t been this good since X-Men 2.


Great finale for Jackman! Love Xavier’s role in this film. Let’s not forget Deadpools intro skit as well lol.


didn’t get this in the UK…well, at least in my local cinema…had to watch it online…LOVED it


Really liked it. Saw it yesterday and it has stuck with it. As a father of two young children, [SPOILER]Laura saying “daddy” and crying as Logan died really effing got to me.[/SPOILER]

And Dafne Keen deserves an Oscar.


This was the first grown-up marvel movie done by fox. I loved x-23 she stole the show. Remember this is a little kid and I would love to see another x-23 movie.



I must admit. Didn´t like the plot as much as i liked the perfomances.
But i think that was the whole point of the movie.
Patrick Stewart is Stellar as this decaying Professor X, that, has grown bitter and broken over the time but finds new hope with the Arrival of Laura, a reminder of the “family” that he used to havd (Because that is what the X men are for him… a Family).
Hugh Jackman succesfully channel his inner Clint Eastwood (Or Jeff Bridges in True Grit); as The last Gunslingler (Roland De Gillead) of a world that has moved on. With his face and body turned into a map of the years (and the scars) passed, he plays the part of the reluctant Hero, the fallen Samurai, the broken myth, with all the gravitas that we can expect of someone who has played the character for over 17 years and knows him better than most.
Still, the standing ovation is reserved for Dafne Keen. Who (mostly) only needs her body lenguaje (And huge anime eyes) to convey an array of human emotions that more than one A-list actor would pay for.
She can go from vulnerable (Or at least stunned) little girl, to blodthirsty beast in a heart beat and it never feels forced but Natural, and integral to the very character.

She reminds me of Chloe Moretz in Kick Ass.
Good Things will come to her.


After the movie was finished, and we were breathing through the credits, my friend Dan said it was a bit brutal, to which I said that criticizing a wolverine movie for it’s brutality is like criticizing a Fast & Furious movie for having lots of cars that drive too fast.


What. A. Hunk.

Give him too me.


Yeah I really liked it but fuck it was a somber movie.

I’m not sure how I felt about X-24, but, I guess it is what it is - I’m a bit sick of that trope to be honest.

The ending really does hit hard though - Mangold, Keen and Jackman really deserve credit for that.




Wow, that’s cool.


I saw this today - I think it’s the first X-Men film since the first I’ve not seen on opening day. But that’s neither nor there.

Stylistically, it was great and what the solo Wolverine films should have been like since the start. The casual swearing and brutal violence fit with Jackman’s Wolverine perfectly.

Plotwise it was good but bleak. Which is fine, but I came out of it satisfied but in no way wanting more. The allusions to Shane and Western tropes deserve further mulling. I thought it was weird that the lead Reaver was given Donald Pierce’s name and that Grant’s character wasn’t Sinister (and that the whole Essex Corp thing from Apocalypse was completely ignored).

Laura’s actress was fantastic, but her suddenly being able to speak (and in English to boot) was a bit contrived. Oh snd I found it a bit ironic they were all going to Canada for asylum, given that’s where Weapon X started (in the comics anyway).

So, overall, solid, enjoyable, depressing, not something I need any more of, particularly.


I really loved it. I liked it a lot more than a number of superhero movies that I’ve seen over the last couple of years. It owed as much to Don Siegel as Mark Millar…which I think was a brave choice.

I will add a more considered comment soon.


Was supposed to see it last Saturday, but there was some kind of emergency at the theater (I heard something about a fight; presumably no claws were involved?) and so I’m going to try again this weekend.



Let me guess.

  1. He comes back from the dead.
  2. The clone.
  3. The other clone.
  4. Time travel.