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Logan Discussion (SPOILERS)


Opens in the UK/Ireland on Tuesday night, and in the US on Friday.

The Tuesday night showings are too late for me, but I’ll see it sometime on Wednesday. Expectations are high.


I’ll see it Friday or Saturday.


It’s getting very strong reviews from the right people. I’m quietly confident.



Saw it last night. It’s perfect! The Wolverine film we’ve all been waiting for.


Well played to the cinemas that are running 10:23 showings tonight.


Just got back from this. Fantastic. Probably the best x men movie and unarguably the best wolverine solo film (thought that’s not exactly a stretch)

It was genuinely emotionally affecting too, which is a tough ask when you’re also slashing people through the neck

18/18 adamantium claws



That’s 4 more adamantium claws than I was expecting…



It’s possible I miscounted :slight_smile:


Also, what were the 14 you counted?


6 on Logan, 8 on Laura, no?

Bear in mind, I haven’t actually seen the film, so if this is somehow an incredible spoiler I’ll walk away slowly.


Worry not. 3 Solo Wolverine films , 3x6 =18

Now for an actual, please don’t read if you want to remain pure, spoiler:

(3x2)+((2+1)x2) +(3x2)=18


Holy crap. That was awesome!


I saw it, so I’ll be careful about spoilers for a few days, until after the weekend.

It’s good. It advances the movie superhero genre a bit, and everyone in it does well.

I’m not sure what I was expecting? Probably something more arty. This isn’t as off beat as ‘Looper’ for example, which took a standard scifi concept and then came at it from the side.

This is a standard thriller in many ways, only instead of an ex-spy, ex-solider or ex-cop on the run it’s an ex-X-Man.

It’s not the comic, not even a little bit, but on it’s own terms it’s a good film. Definitely one I’ll watch again.


I’m doing the same.

I felt it was very much a Western and I think that was intentional through the Shane lampshading. It almost reminded me of No Country For Old Men in some areas (albeit a very ‘diet’ version).

I also think the central performances were very strong and the script was excellent. Probably the best dialog in an X-Men/Wolverine film, that’s for sure (bar Deadpool).

Incidentally, what did you think of the two funeral scenes.


A bit, but Westerns have left a mark on the genres that took their place. There were some direct connections that were threaded in for a good reason, but beyond that it’s more of a modern action thriller to me.

Strong, but the film could use a little more time on the first one maybe? The second was better.

The cinema was full, on a Wednesday night, so I think this is going to live up to Fox’s box office hopes. Trying to read the room is tricky, but I think most people got onboard with the way the story played out. Word of mouth (outside forums like this) should be good.


I can see what you mean, but I think the delayed reaction at the car made the whole thing very true to character.

I agree, I definitely think this will do serious money. There was two teenagers at my showing who didn’t like it but I think they will be firmly in the minority, everyone else will sing its praises. I wish I had’ve seen it in a busier showing (I was at an afternoon one). I may go again, there’s some scenes I’m definitely looking forward to watching again more closely.


That final moment was perfect. I thought they were going to throw it all away, but no they nailed it.

Not sure how much I liked it overall, though there were certainly some great scenes.
Release a black and white edition, dammit!


Have my ticket. Tomorrow at 7pm.