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Liefeld's New Bloodstrike Volume Cancelled?


Anyone know at all what’s happening to his current volume? I’ve recently looked it up, it’s last issue was in September, no issue has come out since beyond #2, I remember hearing it did well awhile back but now I see nothing? Anyone know what’s going on? It’s January now. Just curious since I wanted to get it.


A late book from Rob Liefeld? Sounds serious!


He’s been busy on twitter.

His tweets don’t look much like a normal human body either.


I heard he’s doing a Deadpool OGN right now, he didn’t dump this to go work on that did he? Dammit. He hasn’t even said anything about Bloodstrike.


I backed the Brigade Kickstarter project which is supposedly still in the works. That project had several delays due to colorists and Rob’s desire for a big launch. It was still in the works as of mid last month. Bloodstrike is suppose to connect to it. So I would imagine it’s still coming eventually.


I checked out Brigade a day ago, hope it comes out soon!