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Let us review YOUR indie work!!!


Hi All! I hope everyone had a wonderful (and SAFE) start to the new year! We’re just a couple of days in, but 2016 is already shaping up to be something exciting, especially in the world of Black, White & Read All Over – the weekly comic review series I co-host and is featured here at Millarworld! For our last episode of 2015, we decided to give the mainstream fare the boot and show some love to my fellow indie creators!

We had SUCH a blast doing it, that we’re planning to make it a regular event. So I wanted to reach out to my forum friends here and see if YOU had any self-published/small-press work that you’d like to get reviewed! All tastes are welcome, though admittedly, not all will be featured on the show – but we’ll do our best!

Thanks a bunch!!!



That is VERY cool!
You chaps wanna review my comic CHUNKS?
If so, DM your email and I’ll drop box it to you.




For sures! No worries if everyone sees – you can shoot it to and We might not get to it right away, but we will DEFINITELY work it into our upcoming titles!


This is a great opportunity. I’ll email you something as well. Thanks!


Hey Victor, I tagged you in a thread with links to our indie Comic. Ta.



CHUNKS #1 & 2 has been sent.
Would live to know what you think.

Cheers again



Got all of your pieces and will be diving into them myself shortly! Thank you all for submitting – you guys already have a lot talent, so I’m sure getting a few more eyes on you will be a good help!