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Let us review YOUR comic...!


Hey guys! Next week is the Last Episode of the Year for Black White and Read All Over and just like last year, we want to give those of you who’ve finished some self-published work, to get a chance to get it reviewed on the show! If you’re interested, please send digital copies to me (Victor!) at!

I’m really looking forward to checking out what you’ve put out this year!



A really great opportunity guys/girls! I love watching their youtube vids! @stuartdn86 you should do this.


Just sent you a copy of TRANSFER :wink:


Hi Victor! That’s really generous of you to offer the time (as a past reviewer, I’ve been there, so I know doing reviews takes work!). I just sent you a copy of my children’s comic: Whiz Bang and Amelia the Adventure Bear - The Jade Dragon!



Have sent you a message guys. Thanks!


Thanks!! We really appreciate you checking us out!


Just sent an email for my book, SEASONS! Hope you’ll check it out!

Thank you!

~ N. Fox


Hi @VantageInhouse,

This sounds like a great opportunity. I’ve just send you a link to my Impossible Tales anthology.

Hope it’s not too late!




Just sent you the trade of ’ Whatever happened to the Archetype?’, hope you enjoy it.