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Let There Be BASEBALL!


As I post this we are TEN DAYS FROM OPENING DAY!!!

Right about when we expect a bit of Spring snow here in Colorado, but that’s business as usual for the Rockies. My, oh my, are they looking special, what with their two top pitchers already on the DL and one, Chacin, cut. Jhulyus Chacin (whose parents need SpellCheck) will go great with any warm-weather team. He’d be a star with the newly-in-the-American-League Houston Astros, for instance. It’s rather all up to Walt Weiss, and early rumormongering indicates there are some who do not want to see him make it through the whole season as manager. The grapevine says if the Rockies do their usual thing - which is a solid Spring Training, starting off strong and then falling into chaos before the All-Star Game and just getting worse after - if that happens Weiss should be canned as soon as that downhill slope is detected. There are odds about his being fired at the All-Star Break.

What about your teams? Al-X’s Mets and so forth?

My back-up teams are of course the Los Angeles Dodgers (having bled Dodger Blue for 47 years), the Boston Red Sox and whoever emerges as the Team of Destiny for the year.

This year should be real interesting with the new boards (thanks again, Jim & Co.!) where we can pretty much “post live” as games are happening. This should be great if we develop rivalries or there are significant games.

Another team i finally like - the San Francisco Giants. Growing on me slowly over the last decade from heinous rivals with scum as fans to a darned good team with cool, enthusiastic fans. I love watching Tim Lincecum, and they have generally great players like Buster Posey and the Kung Fu Panda. (If he’s still there, he’s a free agent this year.)

Ohara - as a Chicagoan, are you a fan of the darling, loveable underdogs the Chicago Cubs; or a supporter of the evil and twisted American League depressants-in-uniforms the Comisky-demon-infested Chicago White Sox?

Check in and declare your team(s) and guesses! Anybody do Fantasy Baseball? (I don’t, but I bet Don and Jake do.)

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