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Lessons to learn from Inhumans TV show

I know it’s early, but I think the trailers for the Inhumans show already reveals that it’s just not going to be good.

A big reason for this seems to be costs. They can’t do the show justice in TV format.

I hope Millarworld looks at this and reconsiders releasing Jupiter’s Legacy in TV format. Please don’t do that. Go back to the drawing board and make it a feature film. Truly can’t do it justice in TV format. I know you might think that the “long form narrative” will help, but it’s almost irrelevant these days with sequels galore. Besides, all of the Millarworld titles really feel like they are formatted better for the shorter narrative of feature films. They all come out in 5-6 issues and feel complete at that point. It’s not like Outcast or Lazarus that go on forever and have little special effects could work on TV. Lazarus needs feature film treatment.

That’s not the problem. The problem is they didn’t even care to try. Everything is so half baked and lazy looking.


This is nonsense. If the budget is there, a JL TV show will look great. There are plenty of shows I can mention that use the long form narrative to positive critical and fan response.
HBO, Showtime, FX and Netflix have all shown they’re willing to invest in shows. JL would work great on any of those outlets.


Ya. The problem isn’t the format. The problem is Marvel TV pulling the money out of things. Plus Inhumans wasn’t going to work anyway.


Inhumans is flawed at it’s core as a concept in general for numerous reasons, you could spend as much money on sets and costumes and effects as you want, it will still be trying to stretch a base concept into a franchise without adding all the things a franchise needs to have people feel passionate about it, and therefore it always come across as empty, boring and cheap until someone realizes that and puts the effort in to fix it.


I find it impossible to comment for real based on the trailer alone, but it looks crap - for the reasons you state here.
Trailer looks terrible.
I doubt I’ll bother watching it, I won’t go out my way.


Plus the Inhumans is a load of shite.


They’ve focused on the least interesting parts of the Inhumans because they’re the things that make them most X-Men-like.


This right here.

I much prefer TV shows to movies now. The idea of having a series as epic as Game of Thrones in the superhero genre is pretty exciting, and the Jupiters cast work as you have the multi-generational component (and the plot is really about a group of great friends splintering over the years). If any property deserves more than 2 hours on the big screen it’s Jupiters.


Inhumans is very much the law of supply and demand in action.

Squirrel Girl has a book because people liked Squirrel Girl when she turned up in books. Deadpool was an X-Men supporting character who eventually got spun off into his own book. Spider-Gwen is another example.

I really liked the Inhumans book by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee. There wasn’t a huge drive for the Inhumans to take the spotlight after that, despite how critically acclaimed it was.

Marvel decided that Inhumans would be a thing. And fandom said “Meh” and assumed that it would be over soon. But Marvel persisted with it, Inhumans it seems are a bit like medicine. We’re getting them whether we like them or not.

And maybe the show will be great. It does have a teleporting dog. I would watch a show about a teleporting dog, Maybe other people will too. And maybe we’re not the audience that they’re looking for.

But I wouldn’t but too much store into the Inhumans show as a lesson for how to do things or not do things. American Gods has been spun off into a TV series, when it could have been a tight movie. Watchmen is being developed as a TV show. Preacher is different from the source material, but also fairly good.


Completely, and they’ve done that without really understanding that Inhumans is a backdrop just like mutant-kind. The homosapian superior politics was the thing that gave the X franchise depth, but it still had all these cool teams and characters that gave us all the entry level we needed to love that world. Inhumans now has neither as Marvel just tried to push the canvas as the pretty picture when they wanted to replace X-Men in the MCU.


And Cyclops was completely right.


All comics need a level of adaptation and it’s a difficult balance to strike. If you stray too far you anger the fans, who are vocal online and quickly trash your project. On the other hand if you replicate the book you end up with a weaker result as how you structure a comic isn’t how you structure a movie.

Kingsman and Kick Ass did nice jobs of taking the source material and adjusting it for the movie format. Wanted went too far and all the new stuff didn’t really work. It depends on each property, but the adaptation needs to remain as close to the original as the look of the characters. I just think it’s too difficult to do otherwise.

Inhumans has a hard time in that regard as it doesn’t have much of a comic to pull from, particularly for a TV series standpoint. That said almost every comic TV series is awful. I think it’s incredibly difficult to get it right, far harder than just creating something new. Then again, I think it’s incredibly difficult to make a great comic. The genre throws so many things out the window when there’s powers involved. A nice police procedural show is easy-peasy in comparison.


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It was a genocidal murder cloud!

How can anyone give Cyclops guff when faced with that?


I only give Cyclops guff for being a twat.


I’m not saying that there aren’t shows that use the long form narrative to positive critical and fan response lol. I enjoy TV a lot and I mentioned two comics that I feel can do well with long form.

What I am saying is that I feel like Jupiter’s Legacy (like all Millarworld titles) is designed for feature film and not for TV.

I loved Wanted actually. I would actually rank Wanted higher than Kingsman.

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Nah, they have a point.
Jupiter’s Legacy is a nice generational story, each part is a maxiseries to boot.
Well enough for a tv show.

If you tried for movies then you’d have to simplify/cut things which I felt was the mistake with Kingsman.


I really want to see Jupiter’s Storyline to get the full Game of Thrones type treatment, fully realized Quitely over Mark’s words. It’s the best way for the project to work. An HBO budget would be nice, too!

I’m feeling a whole lot too much of “throw it on the wall and see what sticks” when it comes to adaptations from comics.


When Marvel Studios dropped Inhumans from the movie slate, that should have sent up all kinds of warning flags. Marvel TV should have left them alone.

(That being said, I think Agents of SHIELD has utilized them well.)

I think someone on the TV side lost faith in the project and cut the purse strings. The series is only 8 episodes long. There is no reason it couldn’t have had a bigger budget unless some higher ups realized it wasn’t going to work but had already committed to doing it.

You can do “superheroes” on TV and do them well. Legion is a great series and a great example.

I would LOVE to see Jupiter’s Legacy/Circle as an HBO series. They would do a fantastic job and do the book justice.

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