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Legion: The Marvel TV Series (SPOILERS)


This show really is different, but I can’t really decide wether or not I like this series yet. I really get the feel I can’t judge it until it delivers… something. It feels like an extraordinary amount of build-up. I really hope it delivers…

Still only up to speed on episode four but i’ll get to episode five later tonight or tomorrow. :slight_smile:



This is interesting:

An FX rep says Season 2’s episode count remains TBD. The eight-episode first season concludes March 29.

I remember reading an interview with the President of FX Networks saying that the episode count (and number of seasons) would depend on what Noah Hawley felt he needed to tell the story.


That was the most David Lynchian episode yet.


I love this show so much - it’s like my dream TV show - X-men and psychological postmodernism.

Seriously, this is my dream show if I was a Hollywood dude.

I love all the characters (who are all totally new and have no comic parallels, save, maybe a couple) and I think they’re just so original and inventive.

This episode was awesome. Syd and David’s competing over diagnoses and Lenny’s dance sequence were fantastic.

I can’t wait to rewatch Season 1 when it’s done and have no idea what they’re going to do for Season 2.


Well I guess that was final confirmation of my theory… =P

Damn, that’s the first thing I thought of on the 1st episode… That was a lucky guess.

And yes, this ep was pretty good, although I’ll admit a little bit too slow for my taste. It really felt like padding, but at least we got some insight on the other characters which is always good.


Not only is Fargo a huge love letter/homage to all things Coen it’s even spilled over in to Legion. Syd drifting off in to bed (and Carey drifting out of his) is straight out of Blood Simple.


It’ll be interesting to see if some of them get integrated into the comics later, X-23-style. I’d be surprised if we don’t see Cary and Kerry turn up at some point.


I would love to see a comic book version of this series reuniting Peter Milligan and Mike Allred.


A lot of fiction doesn’t know how to make a good “person and younger clone/symbiote” dynamic without it getting dumb - but Legion playing it as a father/daughter thing is perfect.


Could David’s painting of Syd be foreshadowing?
He’s left her left eye blank.
Walter’s right eye is the white one.
Slight leap here and what if they swap bodies (again) and her body dies with him in it and she remains alive in his?


If anyone sees the new movie, Beauty and the Beast, think of it as a prequel to the Legion.

It changes the movie completely.

I went in with that mindset and was blown away.


Beauty is the Beast?


Beauty = Syd

Beast = David


Was it good then? The trailers look fairly promising. Stevens was interviewed on TV last night about it. They wittered on about Downton and not once did they mention Legion.


I can’t really say as I watched it with a very skewed POV. I will say that a lot of the VFX were bad. In too many scenes, you could tell they were on a set with green screens. The motion capture on Dan’s facial expressions was excellent, though.


This week’s episode started slowly and got so much stronger as it went along. Cary and Kerry were so great this week. Every scene with them was magnificent.
Bernard(mr Bird ) going to Cary first kept the drama with Melanie going especially considering the final scene
The big reveal was also handled so well. It did bring up a question though. the mention of the womb made me think of Cassandra Nova


Looks more like someone spilled paint on his face.


The cast have all grabbed onto their roles well, it’s good to see a show solidify like this.

I never watched ‘Downton Abbey’ so Dan Stevens was a blank slate for me. Actually, I thought he was brilliant in ‘Night at the Museum 3’ but it’s not his film obviously, he’s just part of th ensemble around Ben Stiller, but he was great;

I’m enjoying the show more now we’re getting some answers, they counterbalance the weirdness well.


Yes…but shiny golden paint.

I haven’t watched Legion yet, but I wholeheartedly recommend that run of X-Men Legacy. It was one of those books that worked for people like me who aren’t overly invested in X-Men books proper. It was a weird ride.


I’ve never seen Dan Stevens in anything.
But he captures David’s incredulousness so goddamn well.

It really feels like he would understand how Comic David would think of the X-Men if his version ever met them.
Bunch of people in tights wasting time.