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Legion: The Marvel TV Series (SPOILERS)


could it have looked like this originally or something like it? I thought of this when I saw him chasing Syd.


It’s the Line about "your father trying to hide you from me"put me in the mind of outside influence

I would be happier with the other option thou.


Also: butts


This is what I’m talking about:

I know Shadow King is the popular theory, but I’m open to it being a bait and switch. Anyway, I have noticed that the Yellow Eyed Demon actually does change his clothes - that might be something or nothing.


He changes more than the clothes… sometimes he’s like a drawing, sometimes he’s like a 3D/CGI thing, sometimes it looks like it’s an actual actor with makeup… it’s also been a toy =P

Actually, the fact that the toy version is the first time we see him in the show, and chronologically in the plot makes me wonder if that’s how he took form… or maybe it was a clue that it’s been there since he was a kid… huh…

Edit: And yeah it could be a bait & switch, or a wink/easter egg for comicbook fans… but last episode they pretty much revealed that Lenny, the other dude, the angry boy and the dog are basically the same creature: the yellow-eyed fat dude… and the dog’s name is King… sooo coincidence? hell no… it’s either a misdirection or a wink.



Patrick Stewart has done a lot of things for the fun of it.

And, really, when he says he’s game…he means it.
Wonder if Hawley would consider a recast or not though.

It’s a good bet the character will appear, the last few eps have left the door wide open for Prof.


Huge spoiler for the non-initated, but if it helps promote the show then that’s what you do I guess. :slight_smile:

Really, it would’ve been good to make a deal with Stewart in secret and have him show up as a big surprise. That would’ve been all over the internet seconds after it was broadcast.


But it would have been too late to get people to tune in by then!

As you say, I think we’re in a bit of a bind when it comes to marketing sometimes overdoing the spoilers. It’s why we get casting news that we’d rather came as a surprise, why we get trailers that tell us the whole story of a movie, and why Marvel Comics often gives out spoilers for its big books to major media outlets a day ahead of publication. :slight_smile:


In the 21st century the audience includes the ones on the night it was broadcast AND all the ones that catch up later. :slight_smile:

I’m genuinely surprised they didn’t approach Stewart, his name must’ve come up when they were developing the show? I just assumed they were going somewhere else with David’s heritage?


It’s possible it just doesn’t get revealed in the first season. They have a lot going on, and only eight episodes.


That’s a possibility, but they’ve referred to his father without showing him. I would expect some kind of payoff to that before the end of this season.


Well, it depends who you ask. I remember Top Gear and Doctor Who getting hauled over the coals for drops in their audiences in recent years, even though the figures were fine once you included catch-up viewers. Producers probably prefer to go with the total figures, journalists the overnights. :slight_smile:


And yet both shows continue. The press can make a fuss about things, but they have column inches to fill.

And, the week after Stewart showed up, I’d bet that the viewing figures would go up. :wink:


My point is that I’m sure that the people behind the show would go for higher figures upfront if they had the choice. That’s why these things are trailed upfront (remember SLJ’s first cameo in Agents of SHIELD? It came as a surprise to no-one).

If you think they really don’t care either way then fair enough, but I’m not convinced.


Shows do include surprises; deaths, guest stars, weddings (red or otherwise).

It’s a long established technique for building an audience.


It’s a long established technique for storytelling in general, but I don’t think it’s the same thing that we’re really talking about with guest stars. There are examples of those being held back as surprises too, of course, but usually I think that if you’re paying out the cash for a big name to appear in your show then you probably want people to know about it in advance, so that they watch. I didn’t think that was a particularly controversial idea.

If you don’t agree, that’s fine. I’m conscious of not wanting to take this thread off on a tangent and I’m not particularly attached to the ideas we’re discussing.


There’s a bit about earlier discussions on Legion’s Wiki page:

Also in October 2016, Hawley said that Haller’s comic book father Charles Xavier, who is portrayed in the X-Men films by Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy at different ages, would “probably” be appearing in the series.[18] In January 2017, producer Lauren Shuler Donner said that the series would definitely “touch on” Haller’s connection to Xavier, but that neither Stewart nor McAvoy would be portraying the character in the series.[12] Hawley clarified that there were no plans for the character to appear in the first season, and that the reason a film actor was unlikely to reprise the role in the series at some point was, “You’d have to pay those guys so much money … movie money in a different medium.”[47] In March, Stewart expressed interest in reprising the role for the series, despite feeling that his role in the X-Men film Logan was “a perfect farewell” to the character.[48]


Movie actors are all over TV these days. I’m sure their agents would want a good deal, but it sounds more like an excuse for the show to go in its own direction?


Regarding ratings, FX has since moved from Day+Live as they realized that the majority of the viewings of their shows are time shifted. More people will watch their shows within a few days of airing than watch it live. So if Stewart appeared as a surprise, it would still be a ratings boon for them.