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Legion: The Marvel TV Series (SPOILERS)


I think the people who know the Legion character (well) may have an upper hand in terms of where the character might be going.

EDIT: I also think the comment that it’s all style and no substance is pretty unfounded - People weren’t saying that about the first episodes of Fargo or Twin Peaks or Mad Men. I get that this is a trippier narrative than those, but it’s definitely not just pure style.


Yeah, I mean, I’m no fanboy, so I’m not gonna defend the show stupidly… it could be that the writers didn’t do a good job, but the fact that they put sooo much detail and care into the visual style makes me think that they also made the effort for the script. It’s a little bit early to judge this show, tbh. Could go both ways… But I hope it’s good… or at least entertaining. If this is somewhat similar to Preacher in terms of raw entertainment, it’ll be a win for me.


Considering Noah Hawley’s excellent work on Fargo, I think he knows exactly what he is doing and exactly where the show will go.


I have a slightly different view; given Hawley’s TV experience I think the show’s narrative IS planned out, but that he’s so intent on holding his cards close to his chest at this point that the scenes, in themselves, are a little underwhelming sometimes.

The style isn’t only there to compensate for that, it has a narrative purpose in that it refuses to let the audience settle on a time or a reality that they can count on, but it is also there to amp up the interest and keep you watching.



Visually interesting, but I’m generally not a fan of hallucinations or “trippy” editing (Mr Robot tries my patience)
Ill still give it a go, but I hope future episodes are more straightforward.




Really good second episode.

It might have toned down the trippiness, but it amped up the dire threat and madness that David endured within himself.


I thought it was still plenty trippy, which is good… Oh And I was glad the directorial change didn’t lower the quality. Very solid 2nd episode… =)


Well, I think Legion is great and it seems to be far more loyal to the comics then what might seem at first glance.

[spoiler] So living in David’s head seems to be;:

  1. The Yellow Eyed Man
  2. The Father in Shadow / The Astronomer
  3. The Angry Boy…
  4. Lenny. [/spoiler]

He’s displayed 3 powers I think I’ve identified so far.

Matter Manipulation

My guess is that: [spoiler]

The Angry Boy is telekinesis, the Yellow Eyed Man is matter manipulation, and Lenny is telepathy (as it’s only a power he’s demonstrated in the contemporary narrative, and easily masked by schizophrenia anyway [/spoiler].

I wonder if they’re going to go the whole hog and have the father be revealed as Xavier. It seems like they could go that way.


I dunno… there’s something weird going on with Kerry and Carey… so that makes me wonder…


The fact that he couldn’t see his fathers face, even after trying, screams that the father in that scene might be a fake memory/psychic block.

Also, you forgot that he’s displayed psychokinesis.
Since none of the mutants who saved him were a pyro.
It must mean it’s come from him.



Pyrokinesis was the first power he “found” (in the comics).


Yeah, and I think Lenny is most similar to the personality who controlled that power in his mind.


Yeah… There could be something to that.


I’m watching the first episode right now and it’s wild, but also really deserves credit for taking it’s time with the characters and not rushing anything. It feels really well-realized as a show in terms of what it wants to be and where it’s going, which has me reeled in for the foreseeable future.


It’s still playing a few too many games for me, but I’ll stick with but for the time being.

It desperately wants to be great. I admire the ambition. I hope it gets there.


I thought this was a good analysis of the first ep… spoilers, obviously =P


I’mma just leave this here: