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Legion: The Marvel TV Series (SPOILERS)


Yeah that was nice but the series has been losing me these last episodes… that’s some of the most decompressed story telling I’ve ever seen… u_u


That was fucking fantastic.

I watched the opening battle and thought this is what @davidm has always wanted to see in a live action comic book adaptation but never thought he’d actually see happen.


Ahhhhhhhhh! I’m an episode behind. The suspense is going to kill me :open_mouth:


David, you needs to stop what you are doing and WATCH LEGION!!!

What could be more important that that?

Job? No.

Family? No.

Friends? No.

Hurry up and watch Legion!




Fair enough.


I didn’t like the opening battle, tbh… the idea was okay, but the exectution… eeehhh… not so much… that artistic style was pretty bland and didn’t fit all that well… and with the music, well it kinda looked like a corny 90’s music video =/

Overall the season was very hit and miss… the pace was horrendously slow, even if most episodes were good as stand-alones (and even then, sometimes the pace crawled to a halt). I don’t think they needed 11 episodes to tell this story at all, it felt very padded…

But eh, in the end it’s a good show, so it’s worth going through those rought spots… Plus I’m fairly interested to see what they do next season, considering the ending. I really liked Farouk though, so I hope he’s in S3 as well.


Just finished the season…I think the main drawbacks are that it does tell a more straightforward story than the first season, and it’s a nice one as well. But it presents it in a way that could have been much more honed and tightened up. A lot of build up that some plot points needed didn’t come across well.

But I am so glad that LEGION is finally in the show, I still can’t wait for the third season.