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Legion: The Marvel TV Series (SPOILERS)


That’s because time has no meaning!


Ok, just watched episode 3. I think. Maybe episode 4. I’m losing track. Episode number “contagion” anyway.

It’s still awesome.



Just watched the first ep yesterday. I just love this show so much.

Seriously, though, there is no other superhero show that has any visual flair whatsoever, compared to this. Legion is in a whole other plane of TV than the Netflix or the arrowverse shows.


I watched this ep and it was its typical flippy type of weird until the very end when it was revealed whose body was used to create the new Lenny. That was all kinds of dark and wrong and I loved it.


When I saw where they were going, I kept hoping for a last minute change-up. And then they did what they had been building up to. Absolutely devastating. Kudos to all of the actors with their performances.

I noticed how Legion and Avengers Infinity War seem to be sharing a vibe. Shadow King and Thanos like to turn people to ash and gunfire comes out as bubbles, like when Lenny tried to shoot herself in the head and the gun bubbled.


Spoilers! :slight_smile:


Goddamn, this show.


Yeah. This week’s episode continued the emotional gut punching. Dan Stevens was superb. Loved the twisted homage to A Clockwork Orange.


Can we take a second to appreciate the on-point use of music in the show? Slave for Love and that cover of Superman by REM were amazingly placed this week.


The use of music and the music used have integral to the series since the beginning. Song choice and incidental music have always been spot on.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again: Legion is the best TV adaptation of a comic book property ever.


Well, a cover of REM covering Superman by The Clique.



Technically you’re correct.

The best form of correct


The cover of “I’d Love To Change The World” was aces as well


I also loved ep 4’s cover of Burning Down the House.

Huh. I hadn’t realised Hawley made these covers himself (with a collaborator).

EDIT: This Russo guy seems to have scored a lot of good shit recently.



Because of delays in the dub, Germany is now two weeks behind on Legion. I don’t even want to have any German fucking dub! I want my Legion untouched in the original language version, but does amazon Germany fucking have that? No it doesn’t! So I have to sit here and wait while stupid Germany actors are re-enacting the bloody dialogue for the feeble-minded. Damnit.


Yeah, me too.

I loved the episode. All of those little short stories of David’s lives were very good by themselves already, but the way they were connected by the motif of his loss and our knowledge of what is going on in the background… it was heartbreaking.

Interpretation time: I think with Farouk’s line at the end there, it becomes clear that this isn’t just a random look at multiple universes, but that David is actively shuffling through them trying to find a world in which his sister gets to live, in order to change his reality into that? And that he fails to find a reality that is in any way acceptable because in all of them, the cost is too high?


After watching this past week’’s episode, I really need to give a shout out to Navid Negahban. His portrayal of the Shadow King is wickedly brilliant. He is darkly charming and conveys danger and intelligence so well. Negahban conveys his evil in a way that while you are not rooting for him, he do appreciate his malevolence. I think he may the best comic book-to-screen villain yet.

The way the Shadow King is portrayed in Legion is better than anything I’ve read in the comics.




THE HAIR!!! We finally saw the hair!