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Legion: The Marvel TV Series (SPOILERS)


Well, that gave me flashbacks to the start of season one, when ‘Legion’ felt like hanging out with your school friend who would keep saying, “Remember, I’m craaazzyyyyy!!!”

But season one came together really well, so I believe season two will as well… at some point…


That dance-off was awesome.



I think I’m done for a while.

The show is feeling very pretentious and self important to me right now.

I enjoyed the second half of season one a lot more (or at least more consistently) than the first half, so maybe it’ll be true this season two?

I’ll try again in a few weeks, when I can binge it, fast forward and check here and Wiki to fill in the blanks.


I’m still enjoying it, but I definitely can see why people would get turned off on it.

(I’ve definitely never been called pretentious or self-important)


We can fix that right now!


Fixed that.
Enjoyed the 1st episode. Little to no idea whats going on! So same old same old.


I’m surprised as I think these two episodes of the second season have been incredibly straightforward.


Yeah, specially the 2nd one… it was actually suprising how straightforward it was… but I did enjoy it nonetheless… I quite like Farouk’s character, and the actor does a good job of selling it.

But I’m afraid it’s a bit too obvious where they’re going with it… unless it is a gigantic red-herring, which I can see this show doing, buuut… I dunno… :smile:


At one point in the second ep they literally have a big green hand pointing at David while he is talking about catching the bad guy. I’m sure it has to be a red herring. Unless what I think is red is actually green. And some guy did get turned into a fish, possibly a herring. As ever, after watching this show I just need a glass of water and to lie down in a dark, quiet place.


I’ve only seen the first episode, but I was surprised at how straightforward everything was. Yes there are mysteries we don’t have answers too, but they are understandable mysteries. By this point in the first season I literally had no clue what I was watching :smiley:


You were watching Legion


Or possibly not. That would explain the confusion?

I’m not that confused by the show, but I am less interested in the self-aware flourishes,

In season one we were dealing with a protagonist who might be delusional. Now we’re dealing with one we’re told is sane, but everyone else continues to behave like they’re in a delusion.

And I don’t think it’s being set up that way so we’re unsure how much is happening in David’s imagination anymore, at least not as much. I think Hawley just likes musical numbers, 60’s style and ultra-wide lenses.


There’s worse things to like. :wink:

I do see where you’re coming from though. For me the inventivness of how the story is being told is what I’m enjoying, though if faith that the overall arc coming together like season one ends up betrayed it will easily ruin all that in retrospect, so I can understand you holding off and watching the series later.

I’m not sure if I could actually binge Legion. Two episodes in a row is a little too much for me. I prefer that world in small bites, it’s pretty intense.


I binged Season 1 last month. It was great to see how everything connected and came together. It was a fantastic experience.

I have not watched this week’s episode yet but so far, I consider Legion the best TV show based on a comic book property. Nothing even comes close.


I could prob do it second time round but get really sucked in the first time.


Legion’s greatest strength is how unique it is - nobody else is making a comic-derived TV show with this same sense of visual elan, with a willingness to push outside the conventions of modern drama by having so much weird imagery, off-kilter performances, to spend so much time on odd asides that are still linked back to the actual plot.

And sometimes that’s pretentious or oblique or obfuscates the story, but I feel it always adds more to the show than it subtracts.


Aye, and I would like to add that while, yes, David is now more unencumbered…he’s only sane for a given value of sane. Hosting the Shadow King did, probably irreversible, damage to his mind/perception of things. We get the infighting voices in his head this season as well as the “Rational David” from the last one.

The only difference being that these stem from himself, although wrecked.


I don’t think I would want a cow in my lab either.


I wonder if it’s to wrap up the series. It has been doing poorly in the live ratings and I’m not sure what time-shifted viewing is like.