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Legion: The Marvel TV Series (SPOILERS)


Tiny details like the ant with Legion ‘hair.’


I’ll maybe let him go, either way. I feel he’s served his time for the crime of existing in my personal ecosphere by now.


Oh, I never picked up on that.

I knew about that parasite from “The Last of Us” though.


Zombie ants. The Last of Us was Legion-great.

Carey’s book The Girl With All the Gifts used that same concept. It was about evolution too, and the little girl was called Melanie.


I always thought that Cordyceps was a real thing was supercool but also kind of scary.

Then I realised people have been eating it for thousands of years as a herbal medicine.


Herbal mushrooms that eat their caterpillar hosts. Scary supercool Alice in Wonderland territory.


Now that this is over there is nothing on Amazon for me to watch.


I was reading David Lynch’s Wiki page and came across this:


Watch PATRIOT. It’s amazing.

I just finished LEGION and it’s great, brilliant, a tour de force in terms of using the medium, but there was some excess, some indulgence, that I think got in the way of the story, and my engagement.

Patriot is all character, and it’s done stylishly, it uses the medium, it’s funny, smart, heartfelt. The STORY is stronger there than in Legion. The characters fuller, more surprising.

Patriot. Trust me.


It’s one of the shows I can’t watch - it’s region locked to the US.

same with Start-Up which seems to be UK only.

I gather these are more bugs of Amazon Prime being very newly introduced to Australia and they haven’t got around all the distribution stuff yet.


VFX from the pilot;




Looking cool as ever.

I hope we get to see some more personalities this time.


Empty lot

Damn, that was fantastic.


Well that was as confusing as always :smile:

Awesome dance scene though…



I knew it!

Reminded me a lot of a nature show gone horribly wrong.


As I was watching, I knew the voice wasn’t from any of the actors on the show but it it sounded so familiar. A bit later, I finally clicked it was Hamm.


Hamm has been doing voice-overs for Mercedes Benz commercials in the US for a while now (“Mercedes: the best, or nothing”), in addition to his acting work for H&R Block adverts.