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Legion: The Marvel TV Series (SPOILERS)


Sounds like Season 2 may be 10 episodes.



Without spoiling things I think the stinger is probably linked to D3.


So what is Division 1’s role in everything? Or what if all of the sinister govt. plot is a symptom of David being a paranoid schizophrenic?




It will be interesting to see David minus the SK. At the moment it’s hard to determine who Syd really fell in love with.


Gona go with David as the SK states she was the start of his control over David.

Solid episode I enjoyed the showdown. Felt fitting for the show.

But did feel let down when the credits rolled.

I expected Ollieking to escape as David and crew combated whatever it was the division sent after them. I do think Germane fits the SK appearance a little more. Honestly didn’t expect him to survive when he had his Melanie recall moment. Loved his Exit from the building.

Can I just say I’m really digging David’s Flying style.


Anyone remember Widgit from the early days of Excalibur?
Can’t remember exact powers as I didn’t read it for long, but get the feeling it was dimension zapping of some sort . . .

That was my first thought when I saw the mid-credit orb.


Liked the episode very much.

Only one question that´s been nagging at me?

Do we know The exact powers of Oliver?
I mean, i know he can do “tech stuff” and excert some dominion to the astral plane, but, other thatn that i´m a little lost. And, i tought that the fact that the S K choose him as a fitting Host must be because there´s some unknown potential that we did not see yet.


Given his conversation with David, and the fact that he was able to access the Astral Plane to begin with, I think we’re supposed to gather that he has mental powers as well.
Especially when he was creating a psychic shield around Syd and David’s real bodies while they were stuck in the Asylum Delusion.


Makes sense.

PS: Great Scene of him creating the psychic shield…The “Bolero de Ravel” put to a great use in there.

Like a friend said, the guy who chooses the music for the show should be having a blast.


That would be fantastic if it turned out to be Widget.


…presumably they’d need to use a different origin story for who Widget turned out to be though.


I’ve just watched the final, and this best sums up my reaction. The finale really seemed like an anti-climax, and if they had ended it at #7 then than would have been a perfectly satisfying ending.

But, it needs to be put in context: the final was a disappointment only because the bar was so high. Even sub-par Legion is the best new thing on TV since ever.

And I can’t really in good conscience say anything bad about an episode that had Pink Floyd and T-Rex in it :thumbsup:


“Oh, these aren’t burns. On my planet, these stand for hope.”


I’ve actually amended my opinion somewhat since then.

My viewing buddy pointed out that when Syd switched bodies, the inverse of what happened in the pilot happened. Instead of switching with David and being stuck with the Shadow King, she switched with the Shadow King and got stuck with David. The confidence and happiness David then shows, along with Syd’s later “Did we get him?” line, is evidence that they worked together in his body, Kind of a perfect cap-off to their relationship’s arc

So I like it a bit more.


Yes, that’s a nice way to look at it.

The final had a lot of superb moments, both visuals and dialogue. It just felt a bit too, as you said earlier “straightforward”.

Though to be honest, #7 (and to an extent #6) were pretty straightforward too, as by then it’s fairly obvious [compared with how it felt at the start] what’s going on and you’re just waiting for it to be confirmed.


Number 6 was the hardest for non comic fans I know. One is still debating staying with the show. Obviously I’ve told him our continued friendship relies on it.


I looked at it that as David gained more understanding, the more straightforward the story became. The series reflected David’s progress.


Agreed. It followed David’s understanding very closely throughout, even when he thought he knew what was going on the narrative became clearer for a time within that. It was very clever composition because for the uninitiated his talking to himself in the schoolroom is almost like Tyler Durden and the narrator in the hotel room. It has that sense of here is the clarity in the twist.

Also, he was talking about his bald chalk father… in a school room…

A school room.

The tiny details in this show are epic.


You’re going to punish him by remaining friends if he doesn’t like it, of course.