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Legion: The Marvel TV Series (SPOILERS)


Strong start to the season finale.

Middling finish.


This is the best show ever.

Oliver and Melanie are so sweet.


Loved that!

A little disappointed by the lack of multiple personalities and the thing I knew was coming but hoped wasn’t - King in Oliver Bird.

Having said that, it was all very nicely handled and played out in tone with the series as a whole.

The stinger had a UFO style shock value to it but it does make me excited to see where they are going to take this, though having said that, this show was so balls out nuts, superhero narrative wise, David getting scanned into a floating drone was probably one of the most normal things they did on the show, genre wise, and that’s all sorts of an awesome place to be. - I think audience for this will sky rocket before the second season kicks off, it ended with stark clarity in the main plot and I think that factor will definitely make it a must binge show as word of mouth grows.

And boom goes the dynamite.


One of the things that has rarely been mentioned in this thread is just how wonderful the soundtrack is for this - ending Season 1 on “Won’t fool the children of the revolution” was a great little kicker.

The stinger, I have to say, waaaaaaaaaass unexpected for lots of reasons… and I have no idea what that particular sequence might be referencing …

As an aside, I don’t think this was the strongest episode of the season - which I think was episode 6 closely followed by 7. Maybe I think that because there was quite a bit of VFX in this episode and I’m watching through Amazon on my PS4 which only lets me watch stuff in SD, so I didn’t feel it was a pretty as some of the previous episodes.


If you were threading the more obscure character’s into the series and season 2 has another self contained arc, I’d guess Dr. Nemesis.


They haven’t really shown too much of a proclivity to using established characters though.

The things I thought were:

The governmental coalition that Melanie was speaking about; the Sentinel program; Muir Island/Moira McTaggart’ the X-Men; or some kind of Time Travel thing .


The OST of this series is, indeed, off the charts:

Every episode has, at least, one memorable music “number”.


Nice to hear the Floyd, well chosen (and probably ate up a big chunk of their music budget).

Good ending, tied up enough, left open enough for the next season. They can go anywhere but I think the common enemy theme is a good starting point.

Because it’s not going to be an easy thing for the characters to make work. So more drama!


eh, wasn’t a fan of this ep… it ended in a blatant cliff-hanger with zero resolution, and I think it needed some.


I was thinking that to get to that tho, Hawley would use a more obscure character to get to the more standard X-Men things later on, which apparently he does want to do. Im just not sure if i can see him as dropping us straight in. I think at this point we can trust him in either case.


I am looking forward to watching the series again to see what new details I can pick up…

I liked how the series started out as confused mess but as it progressed, the storytelling became more linear and reflected David’s journey to getting better. They did leave open the possibility that David is not just a mutant, but also mentally ill.

I was very happy that the season didn’t end with “everything was in David’s head and nothing you saw was real!”. I think that would have ruined the series.

I truly think this is best series based on a comic book. I would like to see more shows be as bold and risky as Legion has been. I am not necessarily saying they need to be as ball-tripping as a squirrel on peyote but not to be afraid to take chances and be innovative with the source material. This version of Legion shared very, very little with the comic book version but still felt true to its spirit. Don’t play it safe.


I think the finale was a big disappointment.

The start of the episode was incredibly strong.
Showing just how well the series has been written up to this point.

But after that it becomes meandering, and really just so straightforward it hurts.
After everything, I was honestly really let down that it was just brightly colored auras being hurled at each other. That was so incredibly lame.

The after credits stinger was kinda pointless, since it doesn’t really fit tonally and really the driving off into the distance bitterness of the other final scene was way better.


The stinger was mentioned earlier in the episode, wasn’t it? Or will that turn out to be something else?


It’s up in the air at this point.
It might have been mentioned, but we don’t get any hint as to what that would’ve been or whether what happened is connected to it.


It’s definitely up in the air.

I liked how the episode started with Clark and the very deliberate choice of his name.


The post credit scene does solve a problem, because the show had a problem with David at the end; sane and in control of his own mind and powers there’s very little he couldn’t do.

Now, David is in peril again.


Is David completely sane though? How will he cope without something that’s been with him ever since he was a baby? We still haven’t seen much of the real David. There are still memories that he’s blocking and hasn’t confronted yet. Melanie and Oliver could be Syd and David’s future if he ends up spending too much time in his white room with Syd.


I don’t think David is sane. The Shadow King is gone and probably damaged his mind. He may have also had an underlying mental illness exacerbated by SK but also held in check to a degree to keep David in line. With SK gone, this is the first time he has truly been himself. But who is he without SK in his head?


It’s pretty clear David is schizophrenic.

I thought this episode made that clear by Lenny whispering that to David.


D3 was originally going to send in “Peacemaker” (or was it Peacekeeepr?) but said to send in “Equinox”.