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Legion: The Marvel TV Series (SPOILERS)


We don’t know for sure… it was Syd who killed her, while in David’s body… so she might’ve absorbed her inadvertedly as well…


We don’t know anything for sure but his rational personality asks if he thinks that’s Lenny up there? And the right answer appears to be “No”.

So, for now at least, I’m going with it being a disguise used by The Shadow King and not really her.


Watching last episode.

Love the Silent Hill-y vibe of the hospital scenes.


Yeah it wouldn’t surprise me if this is how they set up Season 2. Getting rid of Shadow King let’s loose the other personalities.

It’s also a way to keep around Aubrey Plaza without drawing that plot-thread out too far.


I think she’s done a brilliant job but if they finish with The Shadow King at the end of this season then I don’t need to see her come back.

Have the guts to move the show on.


Right, and I think it’d just be confusing to keep her around if Shadow King is done with since she’s so intertwined with the villain now.

But it’s one episode to go and I don’t think King will be done with any time soon.




And ‘Twin Peaks’ isn’t even back yet.


Ive made no secret of my love for Legion but it’s partly just because it actually exists.

It’s the type of show I would have theorized about as a comics-loving stoned 14 year old.


I watched Fire Walk with Me last night and will start watching the series again to get ready for the new one.


Dear god, are you alright? Can I get you a cup of tea or run you a bath or get you 5 million xanex? I didn’t close my eyes for a week when I watched it, that helped.


I’m fine. It all seemed pretty normal to me but I’m sure tonight’s Legion will take care of any possible side effects.


I could never watch it again. It really got to me. I grew up loving horror and Twin Peaks but FWWM really fucked with my head.


Has Legion been healing or hurting? :wink:


Legion makes everything better!



What’s happenin’, Space Captain?


That was excellent!

And I did not expect that stinger!


No one say anything!

It’s not on Amazon Prime just yet!

EDIT: :angry: Stupid time … going so slowly …