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Legion: The Marvel TV Series (SPOILERS)


This Tom, and what you just said @Lorcan_Nagle (I can’t seem to quote more than one person on my phone), is probably the best argument for the mpd theory that this is all in his head and that series one is simply a battle for control of his mind. There are things that simply aren’t right with the world but conversely, there’s also things that can’t really be explained away just so easily in one episode… If all that is reconciled well it would work but I’m unsure if a Mr Robot/Tyler Durden penny drop will sit well in the last act of this story.

It would need to be pretty convincing, if it’s the case and they do pull it off ill be even more impressed by this show.


…that’s what I am arguing against though.
That it’s not all in his mind.
It being all in his head wouldn’t make much sense at all.


No I realize you aren’t but the only way to explain off certain things and him having mpd is to make ‘everything’ having happened in his head… There’s too much has happened in two places if you consider the other characters apart from the soldiers and government to be personality disorder. So he either is crazy and has mpd and nothing has happened outside of his head or he isn’t and everything is real.

Edit: I wish my phone wasn’t real so I didn’t have to constantly edit posts


I think he is crazy and has MPD, but that everyone believes that Shadow King is causing the strangeness because no one knows that he is crazy and has MPD.

I’m not saying that some stuff we’ve been seeing has all been “real”, but I do believe the base events have been.
Basically the Shadow King is a scapegoat because no one is considering the alternative.
Ptonomy, the Black Guy, did but they shut him up when Shadow King came around.

No one wants to think David is crazy, which is why I think it’ll be the cap off to the season. The cast realizing it.


Surely at the very least they have to introduce the MPD aspect as a means to keep Aubrey Plaza on the show for the second season!


Or, really, I doubt they’ll kill off Shadow King in one episode.
But I doubt she’ll be one of the split personalities. Just something Shadow King projects into David’s head whenever he returns.


Either way is fine by me. Not sure I would care for them to re-use the same villain next time around, at least not for the entire season, so they could just keep Lenny around with the Shadow King aspect.

Really, though, who am I to try and second guess Noah Hawley? I’ll take whatever I can get, Mr Hawley. To quote Kryten, “Oh, how can you ever forgive me, sirs? Naturally, I will commit suicide immediately.”


I think they’re going to have to pull the trigger on David’s origins.
Hawley wants to keep the seasons short and lean, so I think that will form the crux of the next season.


See I agree with you, I think it’s real, but I just don’t know how you illustrate mpd and his insanity without making the cast multiple personalities when David himself has only had one personality through out.

There is a chance to illustrate this, the cast would realize they all just exist within his mind and that is the penny drop. And it would make sense if they believed they were real up until the last episode when that Penny does drop.

Again, I’m not saying that is the case, but I do think it’s the only way this particular show would illustrate his mpd. It’s all about showing, not telling.


Not really.
There’s the mob shots in his mind that have popped up in the pilot and in Episode 4.
And then there’s British David. A legit split identity.

I think there’s a case to be made that Syd is a split identity. So I wouldn’t think it’d be cheap if she was, but everyone else there’s just no evidence.


The shadow king will end up somewhere, the cast have said the first season is a villain origin, tho probably in someone else’s head, not David’s. Aubrey can always get back in from time to time because astral plane.


Is that not just his ability to hear other’s thoughts and not able to control it being illustrated there?

Either way I still agree that the rug won’t be pulled out, I just don’t know how they can illustrate he has mpd if we’ve spent two episodes in his mind and the only multiples were English David and Sid, unless they use the other characters.

We shall soon find out :grinning:


Not really.
Someone noticed that one of the mob actors shows up again at the end of Episode 5, when the Shadow King traps them in the Asylum again, when they’re in group therapy.
Plus, the occurrence in Chapter 4 isn’t about him not being in control, it’s him being trapped in his mind.

And again, I think Shadow King has been implied to be submerging the other identities. I think they’re going to come back in full force after he’s defeated.


I can see them realizing he’s crazy and head off to find his real dad to help him.


That’s pretty much what happened in the original New Mutants story as well haha.

Plus David being trapped in a coma after the rush of split identities wrack his brain like in that would be a great way to end the season/


That’s a good theory and would work, I stand corrected.


So far we’ve only seen one (identified) additional personality.

“‘I’m your rational mind.”
“And what….you’re British?”
“Like I said, I’m your rational mind.”

Heh. :slight_smile:

It’s possible that this IS the first and only additional personality that David has.

So far…


One important thing to remember here…

The show is called Legion.

Two personalities does not a legion make.

And with that, my rational mind has talked myself back into thinking this is all happening in David’s mind and we’ve been watching his personalities fight the Shadow King this whole time.


Well the best argument for the many people screaming at him from time to time, is the “incident” they talk about back in episode one… David did something in a town (forgot the details), it hasn’t been revealed exactly, but it might have to do with basically killing them and absorbing them as he did Lenny. There’s a big chance Lenny will still be there after he gets rid of Farouk somehow. Farouk is just piggybacking his powers after all.

I do want to believe that some of those things are “real”, like the pseudo X-Men team we’ve been following and their MiB baddies… otherwise it all becomes too trippy and a bit pointless.


He didn’t absorb Lenny though, Farouk is using her image, along with others, to scare or otherwise manipulate David and anyone else on the astral plane.