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Legion: The Marvel TV Series (SPOILERS)


‘Legion’ is a significant step forwards in the genre on TV and film. It’s a different way to tell a story that could be incredibly conventional; man on the run, chased by murderous bad guys and hampered by his personal demons.

Which is pretty much what ‘Logan’ is too. It’s a classic dramatic plot.

‘Logan’ is a lot more conventional than ‘Legion’ but its a very good version of conventional. It’s a thriller that relies on character and non-flashy scenes to tell it’s story.

‘Legion’ is the very good version of unconventional but flashy scenes, incredibly stylised and exaggerated and far more about dramatising and visualising the protagonists internal conflict.

Both work, and so does the middle of the road, established approach to superheroes that the big movies have done since ‘Superman’ in 1978.

It’s great to see the genre expand like this but I hope that we don’t see a bunch of carbon copies. There’s room for all these different ways to tell these stories.

Let’s see what else people can come up to expand it further, along with what we already have.


There is a great foreword by Kurt Busiek to the first Astro City collection along exactly these lines, about how the superhero genre has huge scope to expand and tell different stories, even if it often seems constrained due to the relatively conservative and conventional approach that a lot of superhero comics take.

I’m still way behind on Legion but it is good to see some chances being taken, and people who have the ambition and imagination to offer a different take on a superhero story and make it work.


Legion is the best.

If you don’t watch it right now we’re not friends anymore.


I have watched some of it!


You’re on thin ice, Wallace.


What if I told you I’ve not watched any of it, and have been lying the whole time?


I would give you puppy cuddles be cause that’s not true!!!


I still haven’t watched the last episode.

Spank me, dadd… I mean, Tim.



I can offer puppy cuddles or naught.




I’ll go get my table tennis paddle



Get an oar.

Or one of those pizza shovels.


It’s great that Legion is getting so much love.
And I agree with how the plot is very standard, at the heart, but most Superhero narratives are. What makes the best ones stand out is how they are displayed, and how they are written. With Legion, both of those are top notch.

The scene at the end with Cary and Kerry broke my heart a bit. It was expected, but still so sad.
The previous episode had really solidified their bond, and now it’s just…in shambles.


It’s totally true. He’s just been asking me for synopsis.


I have been watching it constantly thinking this may be the case so I agree… well, I did until that Noah Hawley interview, now I’m doubting this… He seems very against pulling the carpet out from under his audience and talks about high stakes for all the characters in the last two episodes. He goes into his thought processes for creating the characters a little and he spoke about them very much like they were ‘real world’ characters, so I’m currently doubting that theory. He doesn’t seem to be a writer who would outright lie to an audience having a character say “This is real.”

Or maybe he’s a really good liar and he’s faking all that, too


I don’t think it’s all been in his head.
If they had set it up, then I’d be able to believe it.
But there’s been no set up, and the rest of the show sets things up. It’d be very lazy for a well crafted show.

I do think that the finale will introduce the fact that David is crazy.
Because none of the characters, even David, seem to think he is.


The thing that keeps coming back to me is that the show hasn’t said that David has MPD yet. If the characters in the show are all sub-personalities of him then it can be all set in his mind and still have definite consequences for them.


Yes, because everyone is attributing the his erratic behavior and shifting abilities to the Shadow King.
Meanwhile, we, the audience, have seen him being mobbed by other personalities in his mind.
And “British David” is our first legit split personality.

It seems that the Shadow King has been stifling David in some way, siphoning his powers meaning weakening his other identities, and I do think that when he leaves…it will means his other personalities will finally be free. Which none of the other characters, or David, is expecting but has been set up nicely.


As I’ve said before, I recall reading something to the effect that Hawley said we are seeing the origin of a villain. Perhaps we see that even if the Shadow King has is removed, David has been corrupted on a fundamental level.


I think he was always damaged.
That’s kinda the effect of his magnitude of powers.
And, if anything, the Shadow King was acting as a dam/border against the influx of other identities.