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Legion: The Marvel TV Series (SPOILERS)



That was a great interview. Hawley seems to have an incredible understanding of the importance of character in writing and using it to challenge the viewer.

I think Legion may have ruined for me superheroes on television (and maybe some movies). It’s all going to seem practically childish now.


Superheroes? Childish? Really?


See? I f-ckin told you all the dog’s name wasn’t a coincidence :smile:

Well, I guess there’s just one more (sad), but maaaan, what a ride. Fantastic episode, again, and they had me with the dogdamned bolero, which is probably one of my favorite muscial pieces ever… excellent choice =P

Between this and Preacher, they’re raising the bar pretty damned high for CB TV shows… so I hope ABC, and the CW are taking notes… Specially ABC with the upcoming Inhumans show.


I agree. Also, I think the fact that he’s also an author has given him a great edge in that area. In that format he’s spent so much time with each character he’s written moment to moment in prose that when he’s then crossed over to a medium where time is against him and he only has so much of that time with each character, he’s clearly still trying to pack in the same amount of information anyway he can.

Part of me wishes he’d been the man ushering American Gods to TV.

Between Deadpool, Logan and this, Fox have really taken superheroes to a new level, but thankfully Disney are already on that train with Thor Ragnarok being left in charge of someone who is very leftfield… plus Guardians obviously… it’s such a pity this evolution hadn’t happened before Ant man was taken off Edgar Wright. There’s always a chance Fox will swoop him up after Baby Driver comes out, though.

Warner Bros. meanwhile are still being walked around the paddock like they’re about to win a race that’s already started without them.


Is Logan that good? I decided to no bother with it, as I heard some quite bad reviews from people…

Anyways, there’s one question that’s unsolved still, which is: What’s the deal with the one eyed man? I’m sure the dog-sculpture thing wasn’t a coincidence, or the dog in a cage back in ep1. Could he be a creation of the SK using David’s powers? Theories?


I think CW have their niche and are going to stick to it.

Inhumans was flawed in the comics and will probably be flawed on TV because it’s basically mutants by a different name only without the aspects that are needed to make it as popular as X-Men. They will either try what they’ve done in the comics and completely misfire or try something different like Legion and completely misfire. I don’t think they will have the talent behind it needed to make it more than what it is, which, let’s face it, isn’t very much.




Well I’ll get back to you in some months when the dvd’s out =P


Yes. Logan is a challenging Superhero film that will stay with you. It has it’s flaws, but they are far outweighed by the emotional effect it creates throughout. However, if you like everyone to have a happy time and do superheroey things it’s not something you’ll enjoy.


I look forward to it. :wink:


I was not a fan of the Legion pilot, but after setting aside all distractions I binged a few more today.

Holy Moses. You cannot be fiddling around with your phone or whatever while this is on. Just finished episode 4 and I’m IN.



Nah. You pay attention to this show.


So I’ve got a theory, and I don’t have much to back it up except the show’s general weirdness, but - I suspect everything we’ve seen so far has been in David’s head. Like there’s not been one scene in the real world yet.


I have reached the maximum number of likes for today. But just so you know… I like that theory.


Nice touch, here.
Syds jacket in this “world” reflect her powers.


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Is he the 1%??


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