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Legion: The Marvel TV Series (SPOILERS)


I can recommend The Guest and A Walk Among The Tombstones.




Just saw last episode.

They could put Aubrey Plaza´s dance on a reel for 50 minutes and i still won´t be enough.

Finally, the things are starting to shape up.


Nice wee McNulty moment of an english actor playing an american putting on a crap english accent (not the rational one).


How good is this show?

Best show ever.

Greatest show in the history of television.


The bald, suit wearing, chalk drawing of David’s idea of his dad, along with British accent, and then David admitting that he has no idea what his dad is actually like…

Goddamn gold.


I know, that was so good.

It wasn’t quite as good as the previous episode, which I think was the best of the series (barring the next one).

But it was still soooo good.



Just wow.

It’s always been such a chore when a film or show that is original and off the wall in how it’s told can’t stick to a clean plot with a strong narrative in its aim to be different; to see a clear-cut comic book X-Men, psychic parasite style story told in this way is just… special. Beautiful. An ingeniously simple plot told in a challenging and difficult, but always entertaining way. I’m in love with this show so much.

I was afraid for six episodes they’d continue to be ambiguous and skirt around mutants and Xavier and Shadow King and to see them clear the story up and crystallise the plot in that way… I’m actually smiling. I’m so impressed right now. So impressed.


I’ve just watched it.

Wow! Just wow is pretty much all I can think to say about this show. So much wow. So, so great.

I’ve loved it. Can’t wait until the next episode and to watch the entire thing all over again.


I genuinely believe this is the best television series based on a comic book property ever made. Nothing comes close.

While I would hate to see Fargo go away or diminished, I think Noah Hawley would be the best person to take over the X-Men movies.


With ya!


Yeah - it’s wonderful.

It’s a wholly new cast of characters to a large extent but I care about them far more than I have in any X-men film.

The moments between Oliver and Melanie were heartbreaking.



I hope Oliver doesn’t end up with the Shadow King inside him, he’s such a great character.


Have you met my friend Jules Verne?


There is so many neat thoughts have been thunk in making this show, the idea that a man would use a diving suit as a key for his mind to dive into others minds is definitely one of my favourite. Hawley has clearly thought out every single detail and has inspired the team around him to do the same, it’s set a ridiculous new standard. Between this, Logan and Deadpool, it’s not hard to understand why people are starting to find Iron Fist - an ‘adult’ show - so utterly boring.


I’ve read some criticism of Legion.

It’s criticism from idiot-heads though.

Dumb idiot heads with dumbness.


I’m sure there are a lot of people who won’t get it or enjoy it. But everybody I’ve gotten to watch it, love it, and my friends are all pretty much thugs, scumbags or major fans of Fast n Furious, so I think by the time season two rolls out it will have a strong following and the people who dislike it will be mainly comic book fans looking for something not as challenging.