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Legion: The Marvel TV Series (SPOILERS)


Discuss here. Airs on FX in the US tonight, tomorrow on FOX in the UK/Ireland.

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Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange
Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange

Well…it’s more of a Fox show :wink:


Marvel are definitely more involved in it than they are in the X-Men movies though.

For instance, they’re plugging it on Twitter fairly regularly, but have never once mentioned the Logan movie:


It’s definitely the perfect show for this particular Fox. :slight_smile:

So looking forward to Legion.


It’s an FX production which is the same network that airs Taboo.

I am looking forward to seeing it tonight.



Evocative, with good performances, and memorable sequences…

But a tad more straightforward approach (at least for the pilot) would have been better.
It just gets annoying if you’re trying to get people to get invested/interested.


Legion 1.1: Stanley Kubrick, Wes Anderson and David Lynch had a child named Noah Hawley in an alternate universe and he crossed over to ours on a mission to make the greatest comic book TV series ever.

Mission accomplished.

That was the most ball tripping, original take on the super hero genre I have ever seen. That was phenomenal. I truly cannot wait for the next episode.

If the quality holds up, Legion will be the platinum standard for superhero television.


A straightforward approach would have been a terrible decision. Doing that would have made it a generic series that we already have. Going balls deep while tripping balls makes it unique and allows it to stand out from everything else. I had no problem getting invested in the characters.


Don’t put words in my mouth and disregard what positives I listed.

I said a tad more.

Because by the fifth time it was a hallucination within a delusion it was starting to grate.


This is so spot on.

Not that they had a child named Hawley but that Legion feels like a weird combination of those three.


And something for @Bernadette:



No… No. No.

I’d didn’t realise where you’d led me. I’m not looking at anything round here until I’ve seen the episode.


I so want to watch this.

Only I don’t want to do it illegally.

Grrr. Here’s hoping it’ll be on Netflix Germany or at least on Amazon to buy soon.



That was great, but I feel I need to rewatch. It seems there’s a lot that will make more sense after seeing more episodes.


It’s fair to say it’s unlike anything on television at the moment - and the non-linear narrative was great.

Im a fan of Legion as a character and really got into the X-Men:Legacy series.

I’m wondering, now -considering that one of the core conceits of the character is that different personalities manifest different powers - I’m wondering if: Syd Barret, who seems like such an obvious lift from the Pink Floyd singer, Ptolemy, Lenny, Miss Bird and the gang at the end are actually just manifestations of different powers/personalities . There’s enough hints that that may be the case, and with an unreliable narrator, there’s lots of twists and turns you can do. I think Sydney Might have been an inmate once who left, bu who David never actually met, and so he invented her name and relationship in his head. When they “touch” it’s activating Sydney’s power .


That was pretty interesting,


I think that what we are seeing is the civil war in David’s head before he gains some semblance of control over his psyche.

A theory I fully admit is off the wall.
Another being is that we are seeing different Davids at any given scene within his psyche.