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Latest Suicide Squad trailer is here!


I’m cautiously very optimistic about this movie. No Batman flick until Dark Knight Rises really made much profit without the Joker from 1966 and here he is with Harley too, who’s is about to skyrocket. Factor in Will Smith, who is about to receive a major shot in the arm with this, plus a big set-piece with Batman and I’m betting this tops 6-700 million.

This really is a perfectly cut trailer. Yes, it has the potential to be rubbish. Very hard for a bunch of new villains not to look like Mystery Men, BUT so far so great.



Loved the new trailer, first trailer seemed really dark but this seemed lighter with more humour. Looks like this film will be really fun. Have to say I loved the Joker lying amongst all his knives and guns.


I really enjoyed this trailer. And using bohemian rhapsody as its song was great. :smile:


I think it’s going to be great fun.

Yes a great trailer might be just that and nothing more, but I sincerely hope not.


I’m looking forward to this movie, but I think more in spite of this trailer than because of it.

Will Smith does indeed look great.


That trailer is ridiculously well put together. This looks infinitely more entertaining than anything I’ve seen from Dawn Of Justice. I don’t see it having much bottom-end in terms of emotional weight like GOTG, but it looks like a huge amount of fun. Hooray.


Captain Boomerang looks and acts perfect.
Clearly the stand out in terms of characters.


This had the same effect on me as the last BvS trailer- took a movie I was marginally interested in and bumped it up to being must see.


For a movie that I had little interest in, that’s a pretty great trailer. It finally looks like it might have an element of fun to it.

I hope the film lives up to the trailer.


That looks pretty great. Who is Clint Eastwood’s son, Scott, playing? His IMDb listing is blank. Spoiler it if it’s a secret I guess.


No body knows.
There’s lot of rumors that it might be:
Dick Grayson
Tom Tressler
Steve Trevor II

Not spoilering because no body knows


OK. Cool.

I’m hoping this and Deadpool really start to show other avenues for superhero films.


I couldn’t agree more.


I feel he’s too young to be Deathstroke, though I wouldn’t complain too much if he is.


Looks fun. I’ve never been a fan of rooting for the bad guys. Or making killing and stealing out to be cool and fun. I fear this movie may damage more than it helps.


I love that trailer. Needs more Enchantress though.

But my biggest hope for the movie is that it means an Ostrander Suicide Squad Omnibus is released as a tie in :thumbsup:


No sure about an omnibus, but they have already released two trades worth of the old series. I think Volume 2 came out a couple of weeks ago (maybe slightly more).

They also need to re-release the Deadshot series that Ostrander did. That was a dark ride.


Yes, there was a big gap between volume 1 and 2 so I thought they had stopped them, but now I’ve seen listings for 3 and 4 too so it’s looking hopeful that they’ll do the entire run.


I think that they have done some new editions to have them out ahead of the movie (and presumably cash in on any interest that the trailer creates). I don’t know whether there has been any touch ups to colouring or anything of that kind.


Looks pretty good, I’ll buy a ticket or 3 for this. :sunglasses: :thumbsup: