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Kung Fury - 30 minutes of awesome


This movie totally deserves its own thread. If the mods disagree, I respectfully apologize with a promise to behave. I just couldn’t contain myself. It’s simply too awesome. Chief, have you seen this? It’s only $5 available via the official homepage.


Official homepage:


I mean, there isn’t an 80’s sci-fri trope that haven’t been crammed into this 30 minutes non-stop-laughter kung-fu-action-frenzy. Time travel! David Hasselhoff! One-liners galore! Angry police chiefs! Bad acting! Cartoons! Video games! Vikings! LASER-RAPTORS! Godwins law applies - WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

I am in no way involved in production or promoting, the exception being that I’m (obviously) a great fan of the film.

So… anyone seen it?


It’s brilliant. It went up on youtube (by the creators) a few weeks ago.


That’s awesome! Thanks, Steven!


Like most things of the “80’s Parody” genre, it tries way too hard.
There was some fun moments, but it just goes way over the limit for me.


I need to watch this. The music video is pretty awesome too.


The HOFF. A lamborghini. Smoke machines. AWESOME.


I’m glad they went with the half hour short option rather than a full length could have ended up a bit Iron Sky if they had went for that option (neat concept but far too dragged out).


Agreed. 30 minutes was just the perfect length for this kind of crazy. Way to hack time, Laser Unicorns!