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Kubrick's birthday

Stanley Kubrick, if he was still alive, would be celebrating 90 years today. The Shining could possibly be the most important film in my life.
I saw it when I was 5 or 6, my neighbour’s older brother was watching it, and for some reason nobody stopped us from joining him. It affected me :joy:
On my 21’st birthday I watched it while on hallucinogenics (that was a long time ago now). It was amazing.
Now I’ve gotten in to doing quick pencil studies of the film, I think I’m getting close to 40 of them now. I really enjoy working on them, and hope to get to 100 one of these days.
Today in celebration of his birthday I did this…

Anyone else have a Kubrick story?


Yes I do.

When I was a teen I helped out part time at a cinema, the manager was very young (about 19, he started as a projectionist aged 13) and a friend.

When Full Metal Jacket was showing he led me to the back of the cinema and told me to wait for a phenomenon he’d spotted. Towards the end when they are being targeted by the sniper there’s a shot taken from the perspective of one of the soldiers looking around the side of a building to try and see the sniper’s location. At that point he said ‘watch this’ and every single person watching the movie in front of us craned their necks to the right to try and see it themselves.

We’d go back to watch it and it happened every showing even though it’s really illogical you could ever get a better view.


That’s awesome. I wish I had seen that one in a theatre. It would have to be the right kind though, not one of the new cineplexes. I’ve seen The Shining a couple times in theatres, and 2001 once. A Clockwork Orange would be fantastic to see in theatre too.

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You’d have enjoyed this one, a 1000 seater with a balcony. Sadly now closed and left unnused.


Kubrick related stories? I took a girl on a date to see AI and totally failed to get anywhere with her. Does that count?

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I misread that as al rather than AI.

Al’s a total slag. He always puts out after dates.


Kubrick and dates don’t mix well. :rofl:
I actually never saw that one. If Kubrick couldn’t find a satisfying way to make the film I figured Steven Spielberg was even less likely to do so.

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I did one more quick study last night, while listening the soundtrack to the shining. My wife thinks I’m a psycho :rofl:


Kubrick is probably my greatest hero.

Barry Lyndon is my favourite, though the Shining is the most interesting.

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I need to see Barry Lyndon again, don’t remember it very well. I also really love Dr. Strangelove.