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Kingsman: The Secret Service DVD - UK release today!


Here’s the most violent scene in the movie for anyone who hates sitting through all the talky bits:



I was listening to Kevin Smith’s Batman/comics/geek stuff podcast today and he was very complimentary about the Kingsman film and your books. Still didn’t pronounce your name properly of course :smile:


Looks like we have one more day to wait in the US, my daughter has been impatiently waiting to see it again since it left the theater. “James Bond trying to survive in the Walking Dead” is the perfect way to describe the church scene. :smile: I would have liked to see the 7 minute version of that on the BR. Maybe on a super-deluxe-ultra-mega-ultimate-Millarworld-limited release edition down the road? :wink:


It’s hard to keep straight for us with our accents and all. :wink:


My local Sainsbury’s this morning:


Except for very special releases, US book and DVD releases are almost always Tuesday.

How to pronounce his name was one of the first things I asked Mark when I met him the first time. I had never seen the spelling with an “a” until him.


When I was tagging our dumpster with Millarworld for a photo one of my friends (not a comic reader) said “hate to tell you this but that’s not how you spell Miller” :wink:


One of those scenes that filming outdoors would have just seemed like Beach Blanket Bingo and was improved by moving indoors.

Man, Colin Firth and everyone had to work really hard on the choreography!

Yup. Twice as much would have been really uncomfortable. Always leave 'em wanting a little more!


HOLY SHIT! This is the most fun movie I’ve watched since Kick-Ass! I got my local video rental to let me take it home a day early and slipping the disc into my “Dr. NO” DVD case on our movie shelf. My daughter rolled her eyes and sighed when I pulled down “Old Bond” and asked to watch Casino Royale instead. I told her we were going to see a classic… :wink: she almost dropped her dinner when the menu came up!
An all around brilliant film, I would have loved Harry to survive, he’s such a cool character but…
“This ain’t that kind of movie” :thumbsup: