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Kingsman: The Golden Circle SPOILER Thread


Empireonline have put up a spoiler Podcast for the movie…So beware if you haven’t seen it yet.

I haven’t listened yet, but it seems to be over 2 hours long, so I will be interested to see how much detail they go into.


Saw this last night, and I think I can echo some of the sentiments above. Disappointed to see Roxy die without really doing anything. Actually just disappointed she died at all while, at the same time, they brought Harry(and Charlie) back. I don’t think that was a great call. The movie was probably 30 minutes too long and I think it would have benefited from dialing back the action a bit. Also, it had a really weird, confused message about drugs and drug use throughout.

That said, Julianne Moore was great, but I could have done without the “twist” with Whiskey. Moore was a much better villain and character for the final fight to be against Whiskey. And Merlin’s exit was well handled. Wish Roxy had gotten a similar send off if they had to off her.

Still an entertaining action flick, but nowhere near as good as the first one.


It unfortunately was clear that Whiskey was a traitor very, very early on. The fact that he was barely featured in the marketing yet given a huge role tipped it off for starters.


This is partly why I ignore marketing. (The other part is that I’m too lazy to look for it :wink: ). I’ll watch a trailer to see if I like the look of something, but I can’t be bothered with all the interviews and photo spreads and behind the scenes stuff that gets endlessly teased before a big release. I figure it shouldn’t be necessary to my enjoyment of the film (which should be able to stand by itself), and it may just end up spoiling parts of it.


Not a good film.

I do like the idea of the American agency, that was something with a lot of potential, and the casting was great, but it’s really not handled well.

There’s a point where the exaggeration becomes truly ridiculous, and not in an entertaining way. That point happens fairly early on.

Colin Firth remains an amazingly good actor.


Hmm, as good as the first one? No. A good sequel? Yes.

Things I didn’t like was that they killed off both Roxy and Merlin. Also the whole ‘villain wipes Kingsman out’ in an instant was a shame given the cool factor of the locations the first film established - instead that’s all dust now. While they were going for the misunderstanding-leads-to-hero-brawl move, the balance was off and the conflict taken too far. I’d agree both Tequila and Ginger were wasted, particularly when the trailer suggested a bit more than what we got. Didn’t find the relationship stuff with Eggsy and Hilde particularly good either. Oh and Charlie was a walking charisma void villain. To borrow the speech from In Bruges: He was a cunt in the first film, he was always a cunt and all that’s changed in this film is that he’s a bigger cunt.

That said, when it’s on roll, it’s very, very good indeed with some very smart set-pieces.

I liked how they brought Harry back, that he wasn’t instantly what he was before, but thought he was. I liked that Whiskey’s agenda was independent of Poppy, that made it more plausible. A US President willing to sacrifice millions of people he’d term degenerate druggies is pretty plausible too. Poppy being a mastermind villain all the way to the end worked very well - after they had killed all her guys, destroyed her robots, they didn’t go for the cliche that would her suddenly showing off super kung fu skills or other bullshit that would have been without any foundation whatsoever. Her fate was quite, quite fitting too. Elton also worked for me.

I also still really like the soundtrack, the Kingsman theme works very, very well.

Oh yeah, really liked Gambon’s cameo too.

The BR extras are very substantive too, watching them was a lot of fun. Whether Vaughan gets to finish with a third film, I don’t know.


Great review and pretty much echoes my thoughts. I really enjoyed the ride this roller coaster took me on. We’re writing our 2nd stand alone Hit-Girl fan film now and had a very small cameo of a Kingsman agent looking for a new recruit. It might end up being a Statesman agent now. :wink:


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