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Kingsman: The Golden Circle SPOILER Thread

The movie opens in the UK/Ireland this Wednesday, Friday in the US (some previews Thursday). I’m looking forward to it.

I think reviews are supposed to be up tonight.


On FB there’s a red carpet live thing going on, with a Dave Gibbons interview.

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So looking forward to this.


A Tweet from @Mark_Millar even gets featured at about 2:43.

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Not for the new movie, but:

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Went well with afternoon beers.

(Though just a smidge too long for beers+bladder, so was busting by the end :grin:)

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Not as good as the first one, and far too long, but a lot of fun once it gets going.

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Roxy dying early on was obvious from the trailer, but I was still disappointed by it. I wish we’d at least gotten to see her on a mission before she died, instead of the pretty lame car chase we got at the start.

Firth’s fine in the movie, but I’d rather they hadn’t brought him back. I’d like to have seen Eggsy have to deal with being an agent in his own right, rather than falling back to being Harry’s sidekick.

Halle Berry got ridiculously little to do. I was convinced she’d turn out to be a mole, if only because that would give her character a point. I know there was more with her and Strong that was cut out, which is a shame.

The whole mixup about the Kingsman and Statesman agencies not knowing each other and Tatum tying Eggsy and Merlin up could easily have been cut out. We know they’re going to team up, just get on with it. The Harry amnesia stuff goes on too long too.

There were probably too many scenes with Moore being cartoonishly evil in the first half, but they work to set up all the stuff in the final showdown, so I wasn’t too bothered. She’s not nearly on the same level as SLJ in the first movie though.

I laughed at all the Elton John stuff.

Strong’s death worked well for me. I’ll miss him playing a good guy for once.

The most ridiculous aspect of the plot was, of course, that everyone was watching Fox News at all times, even Eggsy’s working class mates in London.


Hopefully seeing this at the weekend. Mrs. J loves the first Kingsman, so is pretty excited about this one.


Same here. Hoping to get out of work a bit sooner so we can catch an early show.

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I thought it was fun, but a bit too over the top. Some stuff didn’'t make sense though, but that is to be exected with the over the top craziness it offered.


Just reserved my ticket for a 7:55 p.m., local time, show. Looking forward to it.

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Kermode has posted his review now:

(I haven’t listened to it yet but thought it might be of interest.)

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Pretty good flick. I just don’t know there needed to be that much of it. Editing maketh the movie.


Have to wait two more weeks here in the End of The World (Argentina).

I´ll let you know.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle - This is one of those movies were it feels like an entirely different film is living somewhere on the cutting room floor. There are some really odd choices along those lines like sidelining Channing Tatum (and most of the Statesmen for that matter) through the majority of the film despite what advertising suggested. I would have been more interested in a film where Harry remained dead and it focused on Eggsy teaming up with the Statesmen or they forgot about the Statesmen and focused on bringing Harry back. There is also this weird commentary on the War on Drugs and illegal vs. legal drugs. I was never quite sure what they were trying to say with that.

At its core, this film isn’t really about deep philosophical discussion. It’s about huge action set pieces. There is a kinetic energy to Vaughn’s action scenes that few directors can match. Everything is fluid and easy to follow while there are these great moments that just make you want to stand up and clap with glee. None of them are as good as the church scene in the first film but they are huge fun none the less.

So this film never quite reaches the heights of the first one but it is a fun Friday/Saturday night out and it still put a huge smile on my face.


Vaughn really does the Looney-Tunes style action as well as anyone.

I think this is a movie that needed some source material to ground it, however. I wish Vaughn was working from a six-issue mini so he had some framework in place, even if he chose to then deviate from it. It didn’t feel like the audience knew quite what to do with this film. Elton got some laughs, but otherwise the theatre was weirdly quiet for a cartoony film that had some good jokes. I saw the first film on opening night as well, and the audience was roaring throughout.

I agree completely on bringing Harry back. I think if you were to do it, then it should be a big crowd-pleasing moment. This was sort of the opposite of that…it was a slow burn, and all of the amnesia butterfly stuff was totally pointless. It really bogged the movie down and bloated the running time. I would have gone no Harry, more Tequila, as Ronnie suggested.

I guess starting with an action septiece and then diving into 40 minutes of exposition, during which someone is being put in a meat grinder and served as a hamburger. It’s easy to see why audiences fell flat. I did think it was interesting that the president was a villain and not a Trump clone, but stacking people in cages in sports stadiums…all I could think was how horribly inefficient a quarantine method that is. You need to be making some kind of point with imagery like that, and I don’t think the film did.

I don’t want to be too hard on it, however, as there was enough in it that I enjoyed. LOVE Julianne Moore and felt like she could have had more to do. Same with Jeff Bridges. Also I feel like I’m not totally sure when Emily Watson became old and stuck playing bit parts like this, but it kinda bummed me out.


I had to mansplain this one to Garth.

And a review.

ADDED IN just because I thought it cool and timely.

I saw it this afternoon with Mrs. J. We both enjoyed it immensely. I don’t think that it had as strong a premise as the first one but I enjoyed Juliana Moore as Poppy and the action scenes were great. Channing Tatum was fantastic whenever he turned up on screen.

I think that there were a lot of strands in this movie that might have worked fine on their own. I felt it was a little busy. Mostly I felt that Vaughan and Goldman needed to find a underlying story as the class struggle story in The Secret Service. Mostly I felt the story about whether Eggsy was a noble character was told first time out.

That said, it was a fun movie.