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Kingsman sequel Vs Cars 3 in 2017!


Bring it on, McQueen!!!



Not going to lie - Cars 3 is going to win out for me.

I mean, the second had a Spy-Car cruelly crushed into a cube by a Bond villain car.


Every parent with a young son just shuddered, slumped a little and resigned themselves to taking him to see ‘Cars 3’.

And then adding the toys to birthday and Christmas shopping lists.

At least they can also a see a film that’s more for themselves, if they can get a babysitter.


My nephew just outgrew Cars.
Now he’s into everything and anything Lego



For me, Kingsman will win the weekend by virtue of being not shit.


Cars 2 didn’t do much in the box office. It seems to do best at selling toys.

As with the face-off with 50 Shades though the target audiences are so different they will probably both do well.


Was 2015 the greatest ever year for Spy movies? Kingsman, Mission Impossible, Man From U.N.C.L.E, SPECTRE, Spooks, and Bridge of Spies coming soon.


The Melissa McCarthy movie Spy too.


Yes, clearly the best year for Spy movies.


I’m going to tell my daughter we’re seeing Cars 3 that weekend until we get to the ticket window! :wink:
How cool would it have been to be the Starlight film up against Cars 3? McQueen Vs McQueen! Somebody has to do some crossover art of that. :wink:


Possibly also involving a great escape of some kind.


I mean, the Car Duke rides into the Castle with no Doors is red


That’s not a competition, that’s cooperation.

The kids go to Cars, adults to Kingsman.

Then they swap.

No problemo!


I’m terrified that K2 is going to be another Kick Ass 2. It really doesn’t need a sequel at all. The first one accomplished exactly what it needed to. I hope I’m wrong. Either way, I’ll find out opening night. Kingsman was one of the big surprises for me at the theater last year, so that alone earns my money for the follow-up.